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About Me
My specialist subjects are French and English, literature and language and I am a native speaker of both. I can tutor at all levels, whether GCSE, A levels, IB, weekly tuition or conversation. I also teach History of Art and prep for applications to American Universities, from college essay writing to SAT and advice on which college would be best suited. I am friendly and passionate about helping students succeed, and try to foster motivation and excitement for the material at hand. I work on boosting the students confidence in the subject so that they can progress with ease. I determine how the student learns best and to try to teach in a way that is both fun and accessible to them. I make my lessons dynamic and clear and encourage the tutee by tracking their progress through attainable goals and working out a way for them to apply the skills learned through private tutoring in the classroom setting.

2013 - 2014, Courtauld Institute of Art, MA (1st)
2009 - 2013, University of Pennsylvania, BA (Cum Laude)
2005 - 2009, Lyca e Francais de New York, AP IB (Honors)
SAT scores: Writing 800 - Critical Reading 720 - Math 720
SAT subject test scores: French 800
AP scores: French language 5/5 - French Literature 5/5 - Italian Language Literature 5/5

Recent Tuition
I have vast experience tutoring both one on one and in a classroom setting. While living in New York, I was a French tutor to primary and secondary school students seeking to achieve better results in school and to adults who wanted to learn the language. I also tutored French at a university level while studying at the University of Pennsylvania. I worked as a teachers assistant in primary and secondary schools in Philadelphia, aiding the students in whichever subject they were having difficulties with and equipping them to better understand the course material.

Having attended an American Ivy League university, coming from an International school system, I am very familiar with the intricacies of the college application process and the transition from one school system to the next. I achieved excellent SAT scores and have helped many students coming from the International school system write college applications and adapt to the American system.

Having tutored for the past 7 years, I have experience with pupils of all levels - from students having difficulties integrating the material taught in class to students seeking to be admitted to competitive schools. I have witnessed strong improvements in my students, in the work they are producing, the skills learned and their confidence and enjoyment of the material we work on. Below a sample of my students:

BA French, advanced essay writing - Jill was taking advanced French at an Ivy League university, although she could understand the course material and had great essay ideas she was having trouble expressing herself eloquently and fluidly. We worked on her essays and on correctly expressing complex ideas in a foreign language through the discussion of French literature.
BA French, intermediate - Nicole was working to achieve a higher level of French but was having difficulties with the intermediate level. By patiently going over her coursework with her, I helped her excel in class and progress to a higher level.
BA French, beginner - I tutored Tiffany in Ivy League university level beginners French. She was having a lot of difficulty with grammar and with her pronunciation and accent. I helped her achieve good grades in her class by diligently practicing grammar and conversation so that she could excel both in her written and oral exams.
British university applications - Cecile was coming from the French system and wished to integrate the British school systems. I helped her tailor her application to each school and explained what would be most beneficial to put forward.
American university applications - Victoria had difficulties in high school and wanted to attend a good university. Together we created a profile which would explain how she had overcome these difficulties and make her an attractive candidate to be accepted by the university of her choice.
AP IB French - I worked with Madeline weekly over a long period so that she could pass her French AP IB exams at a competitive American high school. We worked on grammar, conjugation and conversation.
IB English Literature - I worked with several students on their IB tests teaching them to clearly structure their ideas and properly develop them in their essays.
English writing and reading comprehension, 14 - 16 years old - I helped Jaylin, Michael and Rob who were all having difficulties in school appreciate and engage with literature by having conversations with them, encouraging them to think about the characters and the way stories are written and to discuss it together before writing an essay. Once stimulated by their ideas it was much easier for them to write. I worked on establishing a clear structure, including the idea and supporting arguments, in order to write a good essay
English (Foreigner) 12 15 year old - I am working with two French students who have recently moved to London and are having difficulties with English. I teach them grammar and conjugation and then we have conversations together in which they use the newly learned rules and improve their accent.
Weekly tuition, 4 - 9 year olds - Nick had trouble concentrating on his homework and finding the motivation to do it. Through long term weekly tuition, we worked together on reading comprehension, writing, math, French and preparing him for class so that he would be able to excel in the classroom setting as well. I also worked with many other students with similar problems on how to process class material, enjoy learning and gain confidence in their scholarly abilities.
Adult Job applications - I have helped several international professionals write convincing job applications by helping them answer the prompt, tailor their cover letter to the company, and clearly put forward the suited skills, I have worked with a Russian student applying to jobs in the arts and French students applying in consulting and finance.

Hobbies and Interests
Apart from teaching I enjoy contemporary art, travel, bicycling, yoga, cooking and discovering all that London has to offer - from cinema clubs in old theatres to neighbourhood markets! I also love French and Italian language and culture.

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