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About Me
My specialist subjects are Mathematics and Micro-economics, at all levels. I also teach Economics and Econometrics. My main strength is my enthusiasm for these subjects. I always teach with this same enthusiasm, which really motivates my students.

I have taught at various levels with different ages, which has given me really valuable experience. At Max Studiepartner I taught science and mathematics from children ranging from 14-18 years old, and at Utrecht university my students were 18-21 years old.

As I have encountered such a range of ages, I know exactly how to approach students in certain phases of their lives. I have also learned how to approach students who are aiming for very high grades and students who are just aiming to pass. All in all, I therefore believe these experiences make me a good and all-round tutor.

2012-now MSc Multidisciplinary Economics at Utrecht University (average grade: 8/10)
2013-2014 MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science (degree classification: pass)
BSc Mathematics at Utrecht University (average grade: 7,34/10)

Recent Tuition

At Utrecht University I was a teaching assistent in two courses: Real Analysis and Statistics and Probability Theory. This comprised of answering questions during tutorials, explaining exercises in front of class and marking homework.
At Max Studiepartner, I tutored a 17-year old girl who needed 8/10 in a Mathematics exam. Because I was a mathematics undergraduate at the time, I could very quickly see what her weaknesses were and how she could improve on them. In the end she got an 8.5/10, higher than her desired grade.
At Utrecht University, I tutored an undergraduate who was struggling in his Real Analysis class, a fairly abstract and difficult to understand course. By going very slowly, taking ample time, he was able to secure a basic understanding of the course. This required a lot of patience, and it was very rewarding in the end when he managed to pass the course.
I once worked with a first-year Mathematics undergraduate, who was brighter and better at the subject than me, with an average of 9.5/10. When I was explaining exercises on the blackboard, he sometimes corrected me. It was a valuable experience as we could work together very well on the most demanding subject matters. Because he had a lot of talent, but my knowledge of the subject matter was superior, we were quite complementary which resulted in very good subject insights.

Hobbies and Interests
Next to teaching I enjoy playing tennis a lot. At high school I played competitively, whilst at university I have played only recreationally to allow me time to focus on my studies. I am also fond of playing the piano. I played in a band, performed in a musical and I always have a keyboard close to hand in my room.

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