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Classical Civilisations
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About Me
My specialist subjects are Classics, Ancient History and English which I teach from prep school or 11+ till Masters level in my own area of expertise. I also teach German from beginners till A-Level, French and History to GCSE. I excel at one-to-one tutoring of younger people for two reasons. First I have a very high degree of expertise in Greek and Latin languages and literature and ancient history, which is naturally a prerequisite for effective teaching. Second, I myself struggled at school. It was a case of misdirection, but it left me with a deep insight into the challenges and frustrations which bright young people face at the crucial stages of their educational development. Ultimately I was able to excel at Latin A-Level with the help of a tutor so that I have first-hand experience of the immense positive impact that a tutor can have on ones level of achievement and it would be a source of great delight to me to help young people reach their full potential as I was helped.

Doctor of Philosophy (Classics), New College, University of Oxford.
Magister Artium (Classics), Ruprecht-Karls-Universita_t, Heidelberg: Sehr Gut (Very Good).
Bachelor of Arts (Classics), University College London: First Class Honours.
4 A-Levels
10 GCSEs.

Recent Tuition
Instructor, Tokyo University Oxford Summer Programme in Classics and Law, Oxford.
Giving lectures offering an introduction to various broad topics in Classics and Ancient History to two sets of fifteen undergraduate and graduate students from a wide range of subjects.
Instructor in Latin and Greek, Faculty of Classics, University of Oxford:-

(i) Mods Intercollegiate Language Consolidation-in Latin (twice).

An intensive weekly course for ten students in Latin grammar over two terms:
weekly tests on accidence -one major topic per week, supplemented with detailed handouts, practice on the topic in class and homework on it
practice of reading original texts in class with quizzes on points of grammar that came up in the texts
writing reports on each student termly and communicating with Tutors concerning any problems which arose.

(ii) Texts and Contexts Reading Classes-in Greek (twice).

A weekly reading course for eight students:
guiding undergraduates who had begun Greek at University through complex texts in the original language (Herodotus Histories and Aristophanes Frogs)
ensuring students full comprehension of syntax and grammar (and jokes or important literary references)
intervening when students faltered on difficult passages to guide them to the correct translation
asking questions that prompted reflection on various topics related to the text and leading discussion of important points which arose from texts
writing termly reports.

Hobbies and Interests
I like to read almost anything historical as well as diverse fiction
I enjoy editing new Greek literary and documentary papyri housed in various collections around the world
I am a keen on taking exercise of almost any kind
I like to take advantage of all that London, or any big city for that matter, has to offer.

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