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About Me
My specialist subjects are English and French and I also have a lot of experience teaching Latin, History and Music (I also teach the Piano). I have been teaching for over six years, having tutored in the UK, taught English as a foreign language in Russia, Music and Drama in France and most recently debate and communication skills in prisons around London. From my experience the best results, and that is not only in terms of grades but confidence and engagement with the subject matter, come when I understand the motivations of the student and tailor my teaching to their needs and interests.

September 2014-Jun 2015 City University, GDL
September 2009-2010 Oxford University MSc in Russian and East European Studies
September 2005-2009 Edinburgh University, French and Russian Studies 1st Class Degree
German A Level Grade A
French A Level Grade A
Latin A Level Grade A
History A Level Grade A
GCSE French, German, Latin, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, English Literature, English Language all at A*
Music and History at A

Recent Tuition
Please find some examples of my tuition experience, below:

13+ Preparation for Bradfield, Oundle and Rugby

I worked with a student who had English as a second language. We concentrated on comprehension and literary criticism, making sure that the student always used full sentences and good grammar in his answers. The student learnt about analogy, metaphor, simile, assonance, onomatopoeia and alliteration. At the end of the the sessions he was using these terms confidently and picking out these devices in pieces of poetry. We worked on expanding his vocabulary, both written and spoken. He began to use more complex sentence structures in his writing and was more adventurous in his descriptive writing and speaking. We went over past papers and discussed exam technique.

7+ English

I am working with a student this academic year, concentrating on reading, writing, spelling and memory. The student lacks confidence and doesnt enjoy reading. To build up his confidence we are building simple sentences together using coloured flash cards. l create a sentence which does not make sense and it is his job to correct it. We are also learning poetry which is helping him with his memory and confidence in using more complex sentences. We will work on handwriting and comprehension as the year progresses.


For the last year I have been a mentor on the Vocalise program which focuses on teaching debate and communication skills in prisons around London. Part of the program involves teaching public speaking, speech writing and debate in schools. The program works with a wide range of abilities, including those with special educational needs, those who dont have English as their first language and those low in confidence. By the end of the cycle all of the mentees (in Prison and in the schools) were able to deliver a well structured and persuasive speech on contentious topics in front of large audiences. They were able to respond to points of information from the floor and rebut arguments made by their other side.

French/English GCSE

I worked with a student who had ADHD and had left his school during the Easter term before his GCSEs. Given the proximity of the exams we had to work intensely and in a very focused manner to make sure that he did not fall behind, despite the disruption to his education. In English we worked on his essay structure and creative writing and designed some techniques to aid concentration and focus. In French we worked on his oral presentation and answering questions. We did a lot of work on pronunciation and fluidity of communication making sure the student felt confident when speaking

Westminster Scholarship

I prepared a student in Latin translation and English comprehension for the Westminster Scholarship Exam. For the Latin exam we focused on increasing the students vocabulary and building on his knowledge of grammatical structures. In English we worked on poetry analysis and comprehension skills, focusing on always answering the question set concisely and accurately.

In-house tutor

For 2 consecutive years I taught on an intensive revision course in a London based school. I worked with many different students of varying abilities, teaching French and English to GCSE level. I assisted with coursework and oral presentations as well as exam technique and more general revision.

Beginners Russian

I taught a 15 year old boy, who had left Russia at a young age and could only remember very basic Russian, reading and writing. He was resistant at the start, frustrated that he had to go back to basics of the language. I made sure that any resources we were working with were on a topic that he was interested in, and highlighted the speed and progress he was making each week, to keep him motivated.

Teaching experience:

English as a Foreign Language, Wall Street English, Moscow

Taught intermediate business professionals oral, grammar andwritten English

English equivalent GCSE at Green Lawn School, Saureni Bazar, India

Taught both language and literature, focusing on the set text Julius Caesar

Hobbies and Interests
I am studying to be a barrister, and while this is not a hobby, I do take part in moots and made it to the semi final of two public moots this year. I teach and play the piano and sing. I love reading, walking and swimming.

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