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About Me
My specialist subjects are Italian Language , Italian Literature and Italian History. I am very passionate about teaching Italian, which spans for my love for my native tongue, its pretty difficult grammar and its extensive vocabulary.

In addition to my tutoring experience I have also worked towards professional qualifications in this area. In 2010, I obtained the DITALS certification of competency in teaching Italian as a foreign language at the University of Siena to enhance my tutoring skills.

I have demonstrable experience of adapting my tutoring to suit my students needs depending on their goal, e.g. whether it is to improve their grammar, quickly master the basics or focus on specific business vocabulary.

I believe every student has specific different needs and my approach is to understand these needs, to adapt the material and the teaching methodology to their requests. When it comes to younger students, I like to investigate the specific interests they may have in order to tailor the lessons and make them more appealing. Talk, talk talk is what I repeat to my students. If they communicate I can spot their mistakes, explain where they are wrong and ultimately correct them.

I obtained a masters in Journalism and Media, after 2 years of study in Denmark and Wales, while in Italy I studied Humanities, a degree that involved linguistics and literature. I am currently working as a freelance correspondent for Italian news outlets.

2011-2012 (UK)Swansea University, MA in War and Conflict Journalism (Merit)
2010-2011 (DK) Aarhus University Danish School of Journalism, Journalism Media (Merit)
2005-2009 (IT) University of Rome La Sapienza, Lettere - Humanities (110/110 cum laude)
2007-2008 (FR) University of Paris X, Erasmus
2000-2005 (IT) Liceo Scientifico Grosseto - Scientific High School (main subjects: Maths, Literature, History, Latin)

Recent Tuition

I have experience of teaching Italian to adult language leaners both in a voluntary and private capacity. In the UK, I have helped some former colleagues in improving their Italian and I have followed some students in their preparation for +16 entrance exams.
In Rome, I volunteered to teach Beginners Italian to immigrants who had just arrived in Italy. This was a very rewarding and difficult challenge. My students were mostly aged between 20 and 30 years old and speaking Arabic or France as main language, and really understand little of Italian. I was teaching them both in a group set or individually, with a specific focus on communication. While I was facilitated when teaching to French speaking students because of my knowledge of the language, main part of the lesson was made through visual aids and communicative situations.
In my hometown in Tuscany I taught Intermediate Italian to American senior citizens living in Tuscany. Roz and Allen, for example, an elderly couple from US that wanted to improve their already intermediate Italian to adapt to their new life in Italy. They wanted to be tutored together, even though they had different needs. Roz was very meticulous and precise, her knowledge of Italian grammar was excellent but her communication was a bit weak. On the other side, Allan was confident and able to interact and conversate on different subject with an extensive vocabulary. The challenge here was to tackle everyone weakness while keeping the lesson appealing for both students. My approach was combining grammar and syntax exercise with conversation and use of language. Thanks to their level and willingness to learn, we all worked together on the construction of an adequate set of material to keep them passionate about their learning.
As a part of the Ditals Cerification, I assisted the teacher in a private school of language in Rome in the preparation of teaching material and in the classroom. The students were a diverse group from several nationalities, aged 20-40 in a lower intermediate level.
In London, I helped two young girls in their preparation for a long trip in Italy. Ines and Zoe wanted to master the basics and be able to communicate with the local in everyday situation as buying something in a shop, placing an order at the restaurant or asking basic information.
I have also provided tutoring in a variety of fields, while I was a BA student in Italy. I have tutored high school students in Latin, History and Mathematics, as well as guided elementary school students in core subjects during the summer months. Among these, I have constantly followed Massimo and Jacopo for three summers in a row.
When I first start tutoring Massimo he had just finished his second year of high school (16 years old) failing Latin with a score of 4/10 (where 6 is the passing grade). We managed during the summer to take over again the basics of the first two years of Latin and at the end of the summer he was more passionate about the language and able in the translation exercises. He passed his exam in the following september session with a score of 7/10. He was a brilliant student in any other subject so he kept coming for the two following two summers to my tuition class to improve his Latin too. In his final year of high school, beside being very passionate about the language, he managed to keep a constant grade of 8/10 in the specific subject.
I meet Jacopo when he was 8 years old, he had a history of bad habits and misbehaviour in class and an extremely low grade score in all the subject. His parents asked me to help Jacopo during the summer with the homework and guide him when struggling. From being a lazy, distract and noisy student, after 3 summers of 3 days a week tutoring, Jacopo became a more attentive and mature student able to finish primary school with top grades and surprisingly excel in traditionally more difficult subjects as maths and grammar.

Hobbies and Interests
If I am not writing my articles, I am probably reading or watching the news. I also love living in London where I have an active social life with many friends from different countries. I have such a diverse group of friends that I can do everything with them, from watching football to explore the latest in contemporary music and arts. My other very stereotypical passion is - not surprisingly for an Italian - cooking! During winter weekends I tend to spoil my friends with gorgeous and delicious Italian recipes directly from nonnas cookbook.
I do use my interests in my teaching materials as well, so you might end up learning how to make a lasagne, reading a good page of a book or listening to some music while learning Italian with me!

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