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English Literature

About Me
My specialist subjects are French (both the language and the culture, including literature, thought, music, and film, all of which I have studied in depth), and English. I am available to tutor in these at any level.

I also have specialist knowledge of Law, and offer tuition in History up to Year 11.

I love to educate, and gain great pleasure from helping students to grow intellectually, and to achieve the results they deserve. I offer to my students an in-depth knowledge of the qualities a student must show in order to attract the interest of the best schools and universities, based on my own personal experience. I am also highly enthusiastic about all the subjects that I teach, and aim to impart to students genuine creative flair and intellectual curiosity, as well as the sound base of knowledge required to succeed at the school curriculum.

I am calm, patient, and willing to adapt my approach to suit the individual strengths and weaknesses of every student. I will provide the extra impetus that a gifted student needs to achieve at the highest level, and provide a fresh way of understanding a topic to a student who is confused or struggling. I aim to provide the level of clarity and ease of communication that only someone with real specialist knowledge and understanding can provide.

Sep 2013-July 2014: City Law School (City University London), Graduate Diploma in Law (Distinction).
Oct 2011-June 2012: University of Cambridge, Kings College, M.Phil. in European Literature and Culture (Distinction).
Oct 2007-June 2011: University of Cambridge, Kings College, BA. Hons. in Modern and Medieval Languages (First Class).
Aug 2006-Jul 2007: Lochgilphead High School, Scotland, Advanced Highers (A-Level Equivalent) in English, French, and Music (all Grade A).
Aug 2005-Jul 2006: Lochgiphead High School, Scotland, Highers (AS Level Equivalent) in English, French, Music, History and Modern Studies (all Grade A).
Aug. 2003- Jul 2005: Lochgilphead High School, Scotland, Scottish Standard Grades (GCSE Equivalent) in English, French, Music, History, Maths, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry (all Grade A).

Recent Tuition

I have worked as a Learning Support Assistant in the Special Educational Needs department of a leading London Academy.
I gained valuable experience of giving one-to-one tuition to students with a range of learning difficulties including dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD and autism. I was able to provide a learning programme tailored to both their individual strengths and weaknesses and which would complement the work they were engaged in during lessons.
I was able to establish an excellent working rapport with my students and to develop my teaching skills. In my own subject, French, I had the opportunity to lead a full class under observation on several occasions. This gave me a real insight into how to maintain the attention of a range of students over the course of a lesson, by appropriately maintaining the pace and variety of activities.
I also had the opportunity to learn from the differing teaching styles of experienced, successful qualified teachers, which I exploited to the maximum.

Hobbies and Interests
I enjoy writing poetry, taking street photography, cooking Italian food, and long-distance running. I have not lost my love of academic study, and aim to pursue a PhD in London in the years to come.

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