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About Me
I specialise in English, Maths, History, Geography, 11+, IB, SAT and A - Level preparation. I also provide mentoring as well as general study support and homework assistance. I also help students preparing for ISEE examinations. I have worked with various students, including those with SEN Dyslexia and ADHD. Having a wide range of teaching experience including classroom, one-to-one and group settings, I have the ability to determine the best approach with each student so that their lessons with me are tailored to their individual needs. I generally employ the Socratic Method and aim to teach students how to learn independently. If you ask the parents of my previous students, I think they would say that my ability to bond with their child and act as a buffer during the teenage years is extremely useful. Whereas my students would say my ability to make learning fun and stress-free while getting them to achieve their personal best is why they enjoy working with me.

2013-2014 University of Reading, MRes in BioArchaeology (Osteology, Gender Theory, Roman Archaeology)
2008-2010 American University, MA in Ancient and Classical History
2000-2006 San Diego State University, BA in History and minor in Classics

University level education courses:

American History for Future Teachers
New Themes in Humanities Education
Maths for Elementary School Teachers
Teaching in a Modern Era (seminar)
Distance Learning Skills (seminar)

General Graduate Courses:

World Religion, The Ancient World (Humanities), Antiquity and the Medieval World (Humanities), The Renaissance (Humanities), "Society, Class and Wealth", and Buddhism.

General Undergraduate Courses:

Sociology, Psychology, Geography, Geology, Marine Biology, English Literature and Writing, Speech Debate, Religious Studies, Spanish, and Latin.

American AP Courses 1998-2000:

English Literature (5)
English Language (4)
Biology (4)
European History (5)
American History (5)
Physics (3)
Art History (4)
Psychology (4)

Recent Tuition

With over 10 years of teaching experience, I have helped a wide range of students improve their marks. I began as a Humanities teacher, focusing on SEN and advanced students within the larger class. After moving to New York City, I worked as a supply teacher for the Calhoun School and as a personal tutor for the last 7 years.

Outside of the classroom, I have worked for museums and educational companies. As part of my duties as the Program Director or Education Department manager, I gave a number of professional development workshops for history teachers and have advised on school curriculum. I have also worked with standards to create curriculum for the last 7 years as a consultant on projects including documentaries and online education.

Lastly, I served as an Adjunct Lecturer at the university level for the College of New Rochelle and the University of Phoenix. For both universities I taught introductory (1st and 2nd year) history courses covering American History (1 and 2), European History (1 and 2) and World History (1, 2, and 3). I am a published academic and have presented history papers, often focusing on the female life course or food politics, at conferences and workshops.

Below is a list of families and students that I have assisted in the 5 years. I am happy to say I have had previous students admitted to Ivy League schools, along with St. Andrews, UCLA and Stanford.

PGCE Numeracy: Master`s student applying for PGCE programs needed help with the numeracy test. Having failed the first time with only 8 points she passed and is currently enrolled at IoE.
1st year History and Anthropology: University student needed assistance with revision for end of year exams. Successfully passed and continuing on to 2nd year.
Oxford Application and Interview: Prepared student for Oxford and UCAS applications including personal statement and interview prep. So far, student has been offered places at UCL and Bristol.
A-level Anthropology (19yrs): Student with autism who was predicted a C but through weekly tuition achieved an A and offered places at Goldsmiths and Winchester.
A-Level Archaeology (17yrs): American student attending college in the UK needed summer assistance prior to resitting exam and score rose to an A.
A-Level Geography (18yrs): Exam revision for student attending top boarding school, awaiting results.
A-Level Psychology (17yrs): Monthly revision sessions for student attending boarding school in Dorset, awaiting results.
Home School (17yrs): Daily teacher for an American student, who is living in London and simultaneously completing both A-levels and an American High School diploma. All American subjects including English (Lit/Comp), Government, Maths, and History. A-Level subjects include British Literature, Biology and Geography.
CAHSEE test-prep (17-18yrs): Small group of students who needed 2 weeks of intensive test-prep for the California High School Exit Exam in English, Writing, Math, and Science.
SAT Prep (17 yrs): Currently preparing student for SAT exams with strong emphasis on writing section and SAT II subject tests. Also managing students university applications including selection, personal statement, interviews and applications.
SAT Prep (17 yrs): Student was unhappy with first exam scores, completed an intensive summer revision and re-sat exam in the Fall. Score raised by 238 points all around including a 3 to 5 on essay.
SAT Prep (16 yrs): Student with test-taking anxiety needed help on all three sections, math, verbal and writing. After 4 months of revision student scored 680 math, 720 verbal, 750 writing.
SAT (16 yrs): Student had recently moved to New York from India and needed SAT test-prep. She achieved a personal best on the exam (combined score 1960).
IB (16yrs): Student needed assistance with Theory of Knowledge, Geography and Math SL. After weekly tutoring sessions during two years the students marks rose and she went on to attend a year abroad.
IB -core subjects (15yrs): Student needed help adjusting from traditional high school to IB course load. Achieved mainly 6-7s on coursework completed together and after a few months was confident in her studies.
IB - Geography (16 yrs): Student needs intensive revision support over the holidays on his return from school, I support him in both content, study skills and confidence building.
GCSE (15yrs): Intensive summer tuition in English and Geography for student attending boarding school.
Family Tutor (ages 14,16): Two girls, younger student needed assistance in History and Math revisions, older student needed support in all subjects since they had missed school while traveling. Students completed spring term assignments on time and received top marks. Regents (equivalent to GCSEs) test-prep in all subjects including history, biology, maths, English and physics.
Family Tutor (ages 12, 15): Daily homework assistance for younger girl including maths, English, history, science and Latin, along with test-prep for both children over two years. Top AP History exam score in entire school and acceptance into prestigious bridge program for science at John Hopkins. Younger student scored very well and accepted into 1st and 2nd choices (Dalton School and Columbia Prep). Also assisted with Bat Mitzvah speech, public speaking and interview skills.
Family Tutor (ages 10, 14, 16)- worked with family for a number of years with daily homework and test-prep assistance for all children who attended the United Nations International School. I assisted the oldest child, who was diagnosed with ADD and depression, in completing an IB diploma where she had been barely passing the courses. We also worked together on her photography portfolio and she accepted a place at the Rhode Island Institute of Design/Brown University her top choice. The 15 year old was diagnosed with Dyslexia and required special assistance with English Literature courses. She is currently on a Gap Year and recently signed to a record label.
Family Tutor (ages 8, 12, 14, 16): Daily homework assistance with all students improving and achieving higher scores. Entrance Exam for 12 yr old who was offered place at Marymount, SAT and AP test-prep along with college application with 16 yr old led to place at Notre Dame (1st choice). Regents (equivalent to GCSEs) test-prep in all subjects for older children in biology, physics, maths, English literature and composition, history, and geography.
CE/ 13+ Geography: Summer tuition for student whose end-of-year exam results were lower than expected. (Current Student)
Entrance and Scholarship Test-prep (13 yrs): Tutored student in preparation for the Butler Exam, held at Marymount School. Offered bursary and early entrance confirmation.
Exam Prep (12yrs): Weekend end-of-year exam prep for student at The Pilgrim School followed by summer CE/13+ tuition. Student is aiming for Harrow, St Pauls, or Marlbrough. (Current Student)
ISEE Test-prep (12 yrs): New York equivalent to 13+ exam. Worked with student for 8 weekends to prepare English and Math sections of test. Student was successful admitted to first choice school, Bronx School of Science.
SSHAT/ISEE Test-prep (12 yrs): Weekly tuition in preparation for school entrance exams in Maths and English including essays. Accepted into 2nd choice private school and 1st choice independent school, accepted a place at Regis High School.
11+ (10yrs): Intensive summer courses follow by weekly tuition for two boys who currently attend Friars Primary in South London and are seeking admissions to day and boarding schools including Dulwich, St. Pauls, and Latymer. (Current Students)
11+ Test-prep (10 yrs): Current international student working towards top schools in the London area. Marks in Maths and Writing have also improved as a result of tutoring. (Current Student)
11+ Test-Prep (Year 5)- Working with student from GEMS Hampshire to improve writing skills, reading comprehension, and general test taking. Student is looking to apply for St. Pauls and Westminster.
Test-Prep and Homework (Year 4)- Former student of Queens Gate, now at Thomas working towards higher marks in Maths. Mix of homework assistance, maths enrichment and general end-of-year test preparation. (Current Student)
11+ Test-prep (9yrs): International student needed assistance in preparing for school entrance exams. Was offered a bursary for top choice school.
SEN Dyslexia and ADHD (9yrs): Weekly tuition over 2 year period for boy with severe dyslexia attending a rigorous primary school. Worked on homework assignments as well as math revision and prepared for private school exams.
Test-prep and interview (8yrs)- worked with a professional child who needed to catch up in course work and test-prep. Successfully admitted into the Professional Children`s School NYC.
Home school (8yrs): Family who moved mid-term sought a home-school tutor for weekend and holiday "catch-up" in maths and English. By the next term, the child was happy and successful in his new school.
Maths and English (8yrs): Young girl attended prestigious school in London who needs assistance in building confidence and has attention problems.
Other Teaching Experience:
Test-prep instructor (11-13yrs)- Memorial Charter Academy
School Programs Manager- New York Historical Society
Program Director- San Diego EcoCenter Science Museum
Head Educator- San Diego Maritime Museum
SAT Program Manager- Macmillan Publishing, Digital Education
9th-12th Grade Humanities Teacher (focus on SEN) - High Tech High School
Assistant Lecturer- College of New Rochelle
A list of schools previous students have been offered places or attended:
University: Princeton (2015), Oxford (2015), St. Andrews (2014, 2013), Winchester (2014), Yale (2013), Columbia (2013-2011), Brown (2011), NYU (2013-2010), UCLA (2010, 2008), UCSB (2012, 2008), Stanford (2011, 2009), John Hopkins (2013, 2015), Syracuse University (2013), University of Miami (2011), The New School (2011), The Fashion Institute (2011), Trinity (2012), and UCL (2015).
Secondary or Prep-School: United Nations International School, Eton College, Marlborough College, Westminster College, Marymount School, La Guardia School of Performing Arts, Harrow School, Trinity School, Riverdale School, Brooklyn Latin School, The Calhoun School, Camden School for Girls, North London Collegiate, The Godolphin Latymer School, Dalton School, Trevor Day School and Loyola School.
Primary/Elementary: The Calhoun School, The Children`s Professional School, St. Ignatius Loyola, Thomas Day School (Kensington), Eaton Square, The Pilgrim School, The Spence School and Trevor Day Primary.

Hobbies and Interests
Aside from teaching the majority of my time at the moment is devoted to writing my dissertation and PhD proposal. When I do have free time, I really enjoy traveling, vegan dining and art/fashion shows along with gaming and anime/comics. I am active in a number of non-profit organizations and a member of the British Association of Biological Anthropologists and Osteologists, Royal Anthropologists Institute and a fellow at the London Zoo.

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