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About Me
My specialist subjects are History and Politics and I also teach Geography, English and 11+ preparation. I have been tutoring for 4 years. I am passionate about the subjects I teach and I think this is very important. I am very adaptable in terms of teaching style and strategies having tutored pupils of all abilities.

2012-2013: History PGCE: University of York
2010-2011: Masters degree - History - Distinction: Kings College London
2006-2009: BA Hons - Politics and History - 2.1: University of Nottingham
2005: A-Levels - History (A), Politics (A), English (B): Cheltenham College

Recent Tuition

Current work:

October 2014- 11+ revision course: Weekly sessions running a revision course for a small group of pupils applying to competitive London schools.
September 2014- Home schooling: General tuition (English, Maths, Humanities, Sciences and French) for a Year 7 pupil with ASD awaiting a school placement.
September 2014 - Weekly sessions covering Humanities and English IB middle years curriculum.
January 2014: Edexcel GCSE - weekly sessions for a pupil with ASD who is being home schooled. Topics include the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany.
January 2014: Edexcel GCSE - Weekly sessions with a year 10 pupil who is being home schooled due to health reasons. Recent topics include biomes and coastal erosion.

Recent work:


May - June 2014 Edexcel - Politics, Protest and Revolution - France 1789-1830. A series of intense revision sessions focussing on source analysis technique.
January -June 2014 AQA - The Angevin Kings 1154-1216.
Twice weekly sessions helping a pupil prepare for a retake. Sessions have focussed on course content along with examination technique and using historical interpretations.
January - June 2014 AQA - Britain 1945-2007
Weekly sessions helping a pupil prepare for the summer examinations.
November 2013 - June 2014 OCR - The USA and the Cold War in Asia 1945-1975 Weekly sessions helping a pupil prepare for a retake of this AS paper. Sessions have recapped course content and also covered source analysis techniques.
2013: Intensive revision sessions for two pupils studying an AS Level paper ( AQA - Britain 1815-1865) with a particular focus on exam technique.
2013: Weekly sessions for a pupil retaking two A-Level units (OCR British Foreign Policy 1856-1914 and a coursework unit on German unification). The pupil increased his overall grade from a B to A, gaining a place at Liverpool University.
2012: Weekly revision sessions for a pupil studying papers on Italian Unification and the History of Warfare.

AP - US History

November 2013-May 2014 - Weekly sessions covering 19th and 20th century US History for a pupil preparing for the summer AP exams, for US college application.


April - May 2014: Revision sessions covering the Edexcel Schools History Project syllabus.
November 2013 - May 2014: Cambridge IGCSE - weekly sessions for a pupil who missed part of the course due to health reasons. The topics covered include Nazi Germany and the Cold War.
January 2014-March 2014: SEN Aspergers Homeschooling - Edexcel IGCSE - twice weekly sessions for a pupil being home schooled. The topics covered included League of Nations and the United Nations
December 2013: AQA GCSE - intense holiday revision sessions focussing on the USA 1919-1941.
2013: History revision sessions (International Relations 1919-1939 and Germany 1919-1939).
2012: History revision sessions (America 1919-1941 and Germany 1919-1939).


May-June 2014: Revision sessions for GCSE pupils at Platanos College covering the Edexcel syllabus.
January - March 2014: Cambridge IGCSE - Twice weekly sessions for a pupil being homeschooled. Topics included rivers and tourism along with intense focus on exam technique.
November-December 2013: Edexcel GCSE - weekly sessions for a pupil being homeschooled - topics included population.
2012: Weekly revision sessions for a pupil covering Human Geography units.
December 2014 - January 2015: IGCSE Geography. Intensive tuition over the holidays for a pupil who needed support organising his revision and filling the gaps in his content knowledge.


March-June 2014: Sessions covering the AS british Politics course for a pupil retaking this unit.
May-June 2014: Session British and American Politics unit
2013: Weekly revision sessions for two pupils covering British Politics.
2012: Revision sessions preparing a pupil for an A2 American Politics examination. The pupil achieved an A grade.


January-March 2014: Weekly sessions assisting a pupil prepare for an oral presentation on Thomas Hardys poems and Down and Out in Paris and London.-The sessions focussed on presentation structure and key themes and issues form the texts. Sessions also the pupils coursework essay on Chronicle of a Death Foretold.


January 2014: Cambridge IGCSE. Fortnightly sessions covering the poetry anthology for the literature section along with essay structure for the language paper.
2012: General revision session covering the language paper.

Oxbridge preparation

2013: Ran a weekly study group for three pupils at Fulford School, covering historiography and interview technique.


February 2014: Intense half-term revision for a Year 9 pupil preparing for school mocks which determined GCSE choice. Sessions covered English, Maths and Science and the Humanities subjects.


February - March 2014: Intense revision sessions covering Geography, RE and History for a pupil sitting the Scholarship paper at Dulwich College. The pupil gained entrance into Dulwich College.
December 2013 - January 2014: Revision sessions in English and Maths over the Christmas holidays for a pupil sitting the Mill Hill entrance examinations.
2012: Weekly English and History sessions helping a pupil prepare for Common Entrance (the pupil gained a place at Stowe).
2012: Intensive Geography, History and English revision sessions for a pupil preparing for Common Entrance (the pupil gained a place at Harrow).
2012: English, History and Maths preparation for a pupil applying to Cheltenham Ladies College. The pupil gained a place at Cheltenham Ladies College.

11+ Current work

May 2014 - English sessions for a current Year 5 pupil who will be applying to schools including Lady Eleanor Holles, City of London Girls, Godolpin and Latymer, Putney High and Wimbledon. She was very academic so we focussed on critical reading, time and interview technique.
April 2014 - Weekly Maths sessions for pupil in Year 4 working towards the 11+ examinations for a range of competitive schools.
January 2014 - Weekly English sessions focusing on developing the comprehension and creative writing skills of an EFL pupil who will be a sitting the 11+ exams next year for schools such as City of London Boys and Dulwich College.
November 2013 - Weekly English and Maths sessions for a current Year 5 pupil who will be applying to St Pauls Boys in the next academic year.
October 2013 - Weekly sessions covering English and Maths for a Year 5 pupil applying to Godolphin in the next academic year.

11+ Past work includes

2012: Intense 3 day revision course covering English and Maths for three Year 6 pupils (applying to Cheltenham Ladies College, Dulwich College Junior School and City of London Boys School).
2012: Revision sessions in English and Maths for a pupil applying to Emanuel and Dulwich College.
2011-2012: Weekly sessions covering English and Maths assisting a pupil preparing for the Dulwich College Junior School entrance exams.

Hobbies and Interests
I am currently tutoring full-time
Ive recently started learning Russian challenging but rewarding and I also enjoy cooking, tennis and reading.

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