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About Me
My specialist subjects are Psychology and English/Literacy. I also teach SEN students or those struggling with speech and language difficulties as I am currently studying a Masters in Speech and Language Therapy, due to qualify in summer of 2015. I find that people of any age learn best when they enjoy a subject or it fascinates them, so my style of teaching is to make it fun. Using games, quick-fire quizzes and real-life examples, I tailor every topic to that particular persons interests and prior knowledge. Everyone can learn, as long as they are taught in a way suited for them, and it is just about establishing that preference as quickly as possible. I am also very aware of what is expected by exam boards and I think it is important to direct tutoring towards writing techniques and essay planning when relevant.

Sept 2013 - June 2015 City University PgDip Speech and Language Therapy
Sept 2009 - June 2012 Cardiff University BSc Psychology : II.i
June 2008 Sir William Borlases Grammar School: A Levels

Psychology: (A)
History: (A)
English Literature: (A)
Physical Education: (A)

June 2007 Sir William Borlases Grammar School: GCSEs

English Literature: (A*)
Biology: (A*)
Physical Education: (A*)
Maths: (A)
History: (A)
Geography: (A)
German: (A)
English Language: (A)
Chemistry: (B)
Physics: (B)
Drama: (B)
Music: (A*)

June 2006 Royal Academy Of Music: GCSES

Recent Tuition
A Level Psychology AQA/Edexcel/OCR

I have tutored A Level Psychology to four different students working towards summer exams, entrance into 6th form and general help towards essay writing. We covered all topics and worked together in creating personal strategies to facilitate their learning of these areas.


I have been regularly tutoring a 4 year old bilingual boy to help him learn spelling, reading, writing, numbers and shapes.

Primary Schools

I have worked in various primary schools assisting the teachers in the classroom, specifically helping children who were struggling academically. Additionally, I held reading sessions outside of class with individual children aged 6-11 years, working on phonetics, vocabulary and receptive language.

Speech and Language Therapy

I am currently studying Speech and Language Therapy PGDip which has provided me with further practical experience in mainstream primary schools, working mostly with children with learning difficulties and language delay/disorders.
I recently worked with a 5 year old boy with expressive language disorder and we primarily focused on expanding his vocabulary and improving his grammar and narrative skills.
Another child I worked with had difficulties with phonological awareness, thus affecting her reading ability. In this case we gradually worked through a hierarchy of similar sounding words until she could identify the differences between them orally and visually.
I have achieved a distinction in my first year and am on track for a distinction overall in my Masters degree.

Volunteer Projects

During my three years at Cardiff University I was involved in a number of volunteer projects which focused on extra teaching for children with special needs. Most recently, last summer I volunteered with Ecoteer on a teaching and conservation project in Malaysia, which involved planning and delivering Science, English and Conservation lessons to primary school children. This was great for improving my teaching and presentation skills as the children spoke English as an additional language.

Hobbies and Interests
I am very involved in sports and music and have been for most of my life. I love team sports especially and used to play county badminton for Bucks and also for Cardiff University. I play piano, clarinet and am currently teaching myself guitar. I love to travel and have always made time to visit new countries that interest me.

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