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About Me
My subjects are History and Politics, both of which I have taught from GCSE to Masters level. I also teach Maths and English for at primary level including for the 7+, 11+ and 13+. I have found tuition to be really enjoyable and rewarding work. I am always keen to work with students on building on their academic strengths and have found that this directly impacts their confidence in their studies. My motivation is consistently wanting the best for my students.

2003-2005, University of Oxford, MPhil Modern European History
2000-2003, Queen Mary, University of London, BA (1st) History Politics

Recent Tuition
Reading support for a 6 year old -

M is moving from an international school into the British school system and needs some extra support with reading and handwriting. We are having daily lessons for the last fortnight or so of his summer holidays to help prepare him for his new school.

Maths assistance for a 9 year old -

A has recently moved to England from France and has fallen behind in maths. We are working to improve her confidence, by ensuring she is grounded in a basic understanding of number, and are working on times tables, fractions, and problems to bring her up to speed with her classmates.

11+ Preparation -

L enjoys maths but has received low marks in maths, largely because of a tendency to rush work and difficulties in concentrating. We are working together to improve her grades.

7+ Maths and English -

E is a year away from 7+ exams and a strong student, but he dislikes creative writing as it does not come easily to him. We are working to prepare him for his exams generally with a focus on writing, involving exercises to encourage him to write and to think of content for stories.

Summer holiday support for a 7 year old -

M is a strong student. His parents are planning to move from Singapore to the UK in a few years and want to prepare him for entry into senior school. We had regular lessons during the month he was in London, practising maths, English and also history. We also made a few trips to museums.

AS-Level History and Politics -

G is studying British Politics and Russian History at AS Level and felt he wanted a bit of extra support around both subjects in preparing for exams following disappointing marks in his mocks. We revised the content of the three exam papers, and worked on practice essays. His marks went up to a high B.

7+ Maths and English -

K and A were a month away from their 7+ exams and both were behind in maths and English. We worked on maths exercises, spelling and grammar, comprehension, creative writing and reasoning.

7+ Maths and English -

Two months of lessons preparing I for the 7+ exam for Latymer, focussing on her maths, reading and creative writing. Her maths improved noticeably in this time and her spelling became stronger.

8+ Maths and English -

J is currently in year 3 and I provided him with maths tuition to prepare him for his 8+ exams. I worked with him every day over half term.

11+ Maths - Freddie

Freddie is a very strong student who gets top marks in maths, but he has a lot of extracurricular commitments and his parents wanted to ensure he maintained his grades. He also had a tendency to rush through his work and not check it thoroughly, which meant he lost marks unnecessarily. We spent time working on this, regularly working through examples together to show the benefits of taking a slower approach and also that checking work isnt boring. When Freddie saw the extra marks he could pick up just by checking over his work, he began to do this as a matter of course. We also worked on additional practice questions to supplement the prep he had set for him at school.

Common Entrance Maths - Jack

Maths support for 1 1/2 terms in the run up to summer exams. Jack was two years away from Common Entrance, and he struggled with maths despite enjoying lessons at school. Having reviewed his school work to identify the areas he struggled most with, we then worked on these in addition to any difficulties that came up in his prep. It transpired that it was often the more basic arithmetic Jack struggled with, and so we did lots of times table practice, in addition to long multiplication and division. His confidence grew as he found he could answer these questions correctly with the right amount of practice, and we were able to go beyond his syllabus and work on more advanced fractions. Jack s marks improved by two grades and we continue to work together.

A Level History - Jess:

A-Level History support for 1 year. Jessie had received a disappointing C in her AS History exams. She wanted to re-take the paper, but was concerned about how this would impact her current work. We spent some time on the content of the original paper to bring her back up to speed on material that she had studied almost a year earlier. The bulk of our time was spent on essay and exam technique since Jess found she sometimes had difficulty identifying which questions she could answer. Together we went through several years worth of past papers, grouping questions to show themes and those she was best placed to answer. Then we worked on producing essay plans for each of these and Jess would then and write the essays outside our sessions. As her confidence in her ability to apply her knowledge to answer questions in an exam setting grew Jess was able to talk through essay plans. She successfully re-sat her paper, bringing her mark up to a B.

A Level History - Izzy

2 terms of tuition for History A Level. Izzy was a straight A student with a busy schedule as a member of a national youth choir. She was very conscious of her commitments and also that she needed 3 As to take up her university place. We split our time between discussing those parts of her history syllabus where she felt less confident in her knowledge and preparing / reviewing essay plans to ensure Izzy produced well informed and argued essays. Izzy received three A grades at A-Level.

A Level History Revision and Exam Preparation - Coco

6 weeks history tuition. Coco was studying for A Level mock exams whilst a coursework deadline loomed. She felt she would benefit from some intensive tuition to support her knowledge and ensure she had as firm a command of her subject as possible. We worked through the subject material she had covered at school and additional historical sources to allow Coco to go into her exams and approach her coursework with greater confidence.

Economics and Political Science - Jonathan

3 months tuition for Finalist undergraduate Political Science and Economics student. Jonathan had dyslexia and lacked confidence ahead of his final exams. He had found one course particularly challenging and felt he lacked time to make this up. Since Jonathan had no trouble with exams we focussed on subject matter. We spent our time running over the syllabus to make sure that Jonathans understanding of the course was sound, and filled in the gaps in his knowledge. Jonathan went on to receive a first.

Politics - Sam

1 months tuition for a Finalist undergraduate Politics student. Sam was at the beginning of planning his dissertation and having found essay technique challenging throughout university, he felt a bit overwhelmed. Sam had an approved title and had prepared a reading list. We worked together to plan his approach to his work and discuss his argument. Once Sam had this sketched out he felt more confident in approaching his research and writing. He was awarded a 2:1 in his finals.

Hobbies and Interests
I am a very keen cook and also love trying out new restaurants. I also love the theatre. When out of London visiting my family I love hill walking and try and spend as much time outdoors as possible.

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