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About Me
My specialist subjects are English Language and Literature, RS and Music (including theory and composition) and my additional subjects are Maths and Spanish, and English as a foreign language, including preparation for the 7+, 11+ and CE exams.

I am patient, hard working and passionate about teaching. My current job as an LSA involves supporting students in classes, and also requires me to plan meticulously each week for the one-to-one support sessions I have with each of my key students. I am keen to build the confidence of these students, helping them to meet their goals and progress both socially and academically. I pride myself on preparing students for the specific requirements of the exam they are preparing for. I can be creative and flexible to meet different needs, and I have a sense of humour and an ability to explain things in a number of different ways.

2011-2013, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), First Class Honours in English
2008-2010, University of Nottingham (deferred for a year and transferred into the 2nd year of QMUL)
2007 Alleyns School, A Levels: English (A), Music (A), Religious Studies (A).
2006 Alleyns School, AS Level: Psychology (B)
2005 Alleyns School, GCSEs: English Language (A), English Literature (A), Maths (A), Double Science (A, A), Music (A*), Latin (A), French (B), Geography (C)
I have distinctions in grade 8 singing and classical guitar.

Recent Tuition
I have a range of experience in one-to-one and tuition with pupils of diverse abilities.

I am currently tutoring a student with Aspergers twice a week in preparation for his English GCSE exam this November.
11+July 2014 - I tutored two brothers every day for a fortnight. This involved helping the elder boy in Maths, English and Reasoning in preparation for the 11+ exam for Ibstock Place School and working with his younger brother, aged 7, to raise his proficiency in reading and writing.
11+ Maths: I taught 11+ level Maths to students in Year 6 at Haberdashers Askes Crayford Academy.
Since January 2014, I have worked full-time as an LSA (learning support assistant). This has given me a great deal of experience in supporting, teaching and tutoring students (5-19 years old) with a range of different special educational needs: dyslexia, emotional and mental difficulties, ASD and ADHD. Many of these students struggle academically and have difficulty relating to people. I find it hugely rewarding to build their confidence and enable them to enjoy what they are learning in classes by helping them to overcome barriers which prevent them from developing and moving forward in life.
Music Theory: I taught Music Theory to students as part of the Classical Guitar lessons I gave.
Primary Maths: During my time as an LSA in the SEN department at Haberdashers Askes primary school one of the students I supported was B, a 5 year old boy with Autism. It was my job to support B, and two other children, C and D, in Maths twice a week. The children were supposed to be learning how to add and subtract, however Bs autism meant that he could not understand what he was being asked to do and his attention and overall behaviour could sometimes become very difficult to control. In order to respond to Bs needs, and his visually-inclined way of learning, I devised a game before the lesson whereby each of the children in my group were given a cup, which in turn I would fill with a certain number of mini dinosaurs. The person whose turn it was would be asked to count the number of dinosaurs placed in their cup, write that number down on their whiteboard and close their eyes. In the meantime, another student would either add or subtract a certain number of dinosaurs. The child would then be asked to open their eyes, to count how many dinosaurs they had left and to work out how many had been either added or taken away. We went around the circle, each child having a go, and in order to motivate the children to record the sums in their books, the prize of a gold star would go to the first child to write down three sums fully and correctly in their exercise books.
IGCSE English: for the last 6 months at Shooters Hill I have been supporting a number of key students with IGCSE English on a one-to-one basis.
IGCSE English: I have helped E significantly with his punctuation and sentence structure since becoming his key LSA, as well as helping him to identify and use different language effects and structure his answers properly in preparation for the AQA Reading and Writing exam this June. Last year E got an E in his English. This year he is on target to get a B.
IGCSE English: I have helped this student to recognise, and use for himself, different persuasive techniques used in argument. Our sessions have also focused on the many different techniques used in descriptive and creative writing. This helped E when he was asked to argue persuasively in his coursework article and has also enabled him to raise his mark from E to C in his most recent mock exam. I have also helped several other students at Shooters Hill College to prepare for the IGCSE English exam.
Adult Literacy: Twice a week at Shooters Hill I work with a 19 year old student, Z, who is unable to read or write. Z has very severe dyslexia and has never properly learnt how to read or write during his time at school. The first thing that struck me about Z was his shame associated with his illiteracy. So a big part of the challenge to start with was just getting him to feel more comfortable talking about it with me, discovering his strengths and weaknesses and then breaking the session up into three of four different activities and giving him a lot of praise and encouragement throughout the lesson.
English as a foreign language: I spent 10 months in Chile teaching English language to children in a preparatory school (5-14 years old). This involved planning and teaching lessons to whole classes, as well as on a one-to-one basis, with particular focus on grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing. I mainly spoke to my students in English and over the course of 10 months I saw a marked improvement in their written and oral English.
Classical guitar: I spent a year privately teaching the guitar to both children and adults. I taught one of my students, A, aged 9, rhythms through words and rhymes. We worked on the names of each string and the notes in a scale which joined them together. At the same time, to ensure that he would remain confident and engaged in lessons, I planned for progression, accumulating skills such as chord-playing, strumming, picking, etc. Not only were lessons always great fun for A, but by the end of my time teaching him, he was able to read music and achieved a Merit in his Grade 1 Associated Board exam.

Hobbies and Interests
I like to keep fit by cycling, swimming and running regularly. I am hoping to get onto the Ironman 70.3 (a half triathlon) for 2015. I play South American and Spanish classical guitar as well as folk music which allows me to sing along(another passion of mine). I love to read literature and poetry and really enjoy cooking too. I also have lots of friends and a big family, including two nephews, with whom I love to spend time and to whom I am very close.

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