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About Me
I have over six years of tutoring experience having taught 65 students on a one-to-one basis so far with the majority achieving excellent results. I have taught students ranging from Key Stage 1 to university level. I always push my students to their maximum potential. My specialist subjects are Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering. I have experience of teaching all the major exams boards including Edexcel, AQA, OCR and iGCSE. I have tutored students with special education needs including dyslexia, learning disability, ADHD and physical health problems. I have taught Mechanical Engineering at University level.

I am a focussed and goal-driven person, currently working as a full-time tutor. Throughout my own education, I had the benefit of excellent teachers and role models and strive to provide pupils similar excellent training and support so that they may achieve their full potential and lead a successful life. I am friendly and approachable and an enthusiastic teacher!

I devise quarterly teaching plans for students to ensure complete coverage of the curriculum well before the end of the year to leave enough time for past papers and revision. For younger pupils I make sure that their lessons are fun and enjoyable. Regular progress checks are vital. I like to keep parents/guardians/fee payers well informed of progress. I use different models and memory aids to suit different learning styles. Additional homework is also given.
My degree is in Mechanical Engineering. I am currently studying Actuarial Science to become Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuary.

M.Sc Actuarial Science Cass Business School
Institute and Faculty of Actuaries UK CT1, CT3 and CT5 pass
B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering 2:1
HSSC: Maths(A*), Physics(A*), Chemistry(A*)
SSC: Maths(A*), Physics(A*), Chemistry(A*)

Recent Tuition
Please find a selection of my tuition experience below.

400+ hours tutoring experience with 7 active students at this level, with 16 different students taught

Aphiwe Reception Maths and English

On my assessment of Aphiwe I established that she enjoyed English however strongly disliked Maths. I implored further in order to establish the reason behind this. I spoke to Aphiwe and her parents and it became clear because she was so behind in class that she was struggling to keep up and hence loosing interest and confidence in subject. I realised I have to work very hard to re-establish her interest in Maths. After discussion with her parents it became evident that Aphiwe was competitive and enjoyed winning. So I decided that my tactic would be to teach through games until her interest was established. I ensured that games were fun and educational and were continually stimulating her mind. After a few weeks she developed a keen interest in Maths and looked forward to lessons. Before I taught her she was unable to count to ten however she is now able to read and write numbers up to 100 in numbers and words and can do addition and subtraction and has learnt her times table of 2. She is ahead of her class and thoroughly enjoys Maths.

Caleb Year 2 Maths

The initial lesson assessment revealed that Caleb was at level of 1B, however it was evident to me that he was a quick learner and had a passion for Maths. Because of these attributes we were able to move at fast pace and we have nearly covered the entire year 2 curriculum in short time. Currently he has completed nearly half of year 3s curriculum.

Sharne Year 4 Maths

Sharne was very behind in Maths and was losing her confidence. After receiving tuition she was able to get her confidence back and is now excelling. The approach I used was to go back to basics. By this, not only did her foundation became strong, she also felt a sense of achievement through studying things which were easy to understand and this instilled her with the confidence she had lost.

Saffiya Year 4 Maths

She was at level 3C when I started teaching her. The main purpose was to boost her level before the summer holidays. Her level improved to 4B and currently she is living abroad.

Tajsene Year 4 Maths

Tajsene had a good understanding of concepts however struggled with their application. I provided practice questions to target this weakness. I ensured that she got plenty of practice by providing her with homework.

Andre Year 5 Maths

On initial assessment I discovered that Andre was at level 2A. He was in the lowest set at school. Having a significantly lower level than his friends meant that he became frustrated with himself and had completely given up. He had a low morale and refused to have a tutor. His mother however persisted with her persuasion and arranged for me to deliver the first lesson. In the first lesson Andre had an extreme lack of interest and refused to engage with me. He was very rude student and had rejected 5 tutors before me. I took this job as a challenge and assured his Mum that in the next 4 weeks Andre will look forward to his lessons. I realised that the first step would be to build a rapport with Andre. In order to do this it was important for me to not impose myself as his tutor and instead break the ice as a friend rather than a tutor. We spoke about Andres likes, dislikes and hobbies. Andre was passionate about football and Manchester United so we conversed about the matches and the goals and the players. This resulted in a boost in Andres energy levels and he began to like me. After the third lesson Andre and I had an excellent rapport. I then very carefully prepared his lessons targeting them at his level to improve his confidence. Unlike other students that one could adopt a fast pace with, Andre required a slow and steady pace to begin with and this was what I delivered. After two months his level improved to 3A.


150+ hours tutoring experience with 3 active students, with 8 different students taught

Samira Year 7

Samiras parents informed me that they wished for Samira to take her GCSEs early as they felt she was a few years ahead of her peers. They sought my advice to see if this was possible and how it could be achieved. After initial assessment I was able to conclude that although her foundation knowledge was strong, if she sat the exam this year she would be likely to achieve a C or D grade. However, Samira had the necessary attitude and attributes required -s parents wanted the exams to be given I early, it was important to ensure that Samira was not rushed to the point that her understanding is compromised. I ensured that she had an excellent grasp over each topic before moving on to the next and ensured that lessons were tailored to her needs and delivered at a pace suitable for her. Finally all the hard work paid off and she got an A grade.

Janel Year 9 Maths

Janel disliked Maths because she perceived it to be confusing. I found the main reason for this was that her basics were very weak. So I designed my lessons to enhance her basics and then worked on building on these.

Nour Year 9 Maths

The main purpose of this tuition was to improve his confidence before his GCSEs and boost his grade. This was achieved.

Claudia Year 9 Maths

The main purpose of this tuition was to focus on working to improve confidence in Maths and address gaps in the students knowledge, working on topics she found difficult as well as covering basics and helping to prepare for GCSEs.

500+ hours tutoring experience with 4 active students at this level, with 20 different students taught
Mumtaz GCSE Maths

Mumtaz had been aiming for a B grade before starting tuition with me. I covered the entire Higher syllabus and gave her thorough past paper question practice and after this she felt confident about achieving an A grade and she did indeed achieve an A grade.

KaiGCSE Maths

Kai came from China and was very behind in Maths. I started from the basics and hence built concepts on a stronger foundation.

Ali GCSE Maths

Ali required fast track GCSE revision with only a couple of months to go before the exam. He was predicted a C grade and lacked confidence. With the limited time available I gave Ali an appropriately detailed overview of each topic and after each topic I gave him relevant past paper questions. This strategy really worked. Over the last two weeks I ensured Ali completed as many past papers as possible. Ali achieved a grade B.


She was in the lower set at school and was supposed to take only the Foundation exam. I taught her the entire year 10 syllabus and at the end of the year, following school examination, she was promoted to Going through year 10 topics so that in her end of year mock exam she could be moved to the higher set so she could sit the Higher exam.

Sasaniya GCSE Maths, Physics and Chemistry

Sasaniya is aiming towards studying Medicine at University. She is getting regular support from me so that she could achieve the necessary grades.

Yousuf iGCSE Physics

Yousuf had a good grasp of concepts however struggled with exam questions. In the one month before his exam that I had with him, I revised all the topics briefly and focused mainly on practice questions. I improved his application of concepts and worked on his exam technique. His question answering technique was greatly improved and he got an A* grade.

Shane GCSEMaths and Physics

Shanes mother arranged for me to tutor him as she was concerned about his attitude towards his studies. He was careless, lazy and had no interest. From my assessment I concluded that he was an intelligent tutee however school lessons were not stimulating enough so he would become bored and lose his interest. I presented him with more challenging problems and provided him with significant motivation. I adopted a strict attitude towards completing homework explaining that excuses will not be accepted. I also gave him regular assessments.

Olivia Dixon GCSE Maths

Joseph iGCSE Physics

A level
450+ hours tutoring experience, with 3 active students at this level, with 15 different students taught
Rahi AS Level Physics and Maths

4 weeks before the exams I provided him with fast track revision for Physics whilst focusing on exam techniques and doing topic related questions from past papers. I also taught him some topics from Maths. He got As in both subjects.

Anonymous AS and A level Maths and Physics

His parents were aiming for him to achieve an A or B grade so that he may attend a Russell Group University. After a few sessions it was evident to me that Anon was capable of achieving an A* and could obtain admission in Oxbridge or a London University. I spoke with Anon and his parents and assured them that this would be possible but Anon would need to put in extra effort and hard work and I would provide him with all the necessary support and guidance to achieve this. He got an A* and received offers from Imperial and Oxford.

Hamza AS and A level Maths and Chemistry

Hamzas GCSE grades were very poor and his parents were concerned that he would get similar grades at A level and be unable to secure a place a reputable University. I established that Hamza was intelligent however required a lot of pushing and motivation. He lacked the initiative to do any work. To overcome this I adopted the target setting approach. He was given daily and weekly targets. He achieved an A grade in Maths and a B grade in Chemistry which was a significant improvement from his GCSEs. Currently he is doing Accounting and Finance from one of the Russell Group universities.

Hamza AS and A level Maths and Physics (2-3 hours a week for two years)

I taught him for two years and he achieved an A grade in both Maths and Physics. Currently he is doing a Business degree from the University of Warwick.

Bayad AS and A level Maths

Wasiu AS and A level Maths
Sukanthan Bragalathan AS level Physics
Entrance Exams
100+ hours tutoring experience with 1 active student at this level, with 7 different students taught

Preparation for entrance exam. Currently going to one of Londons best grammar(school not be mentioned) school.


I had to prepare her for the entrance exams of Tiffin, Nonsuch and Wallington and scholarship exam for Putney High School. I found that Naelah was a very hard working, organised and diligent student. I found that the problem was lack of understanding of certain concepts. Once the weaknesses were addressed, I gave her plenty of practice questions with increasing complexity as it was imperative for her to achieve exceptionally well in order to gain places at the desired school as they were all far away from her home address. She has received scholarship from Putney High School and is currently preparing for the rest of the three schools.

Marcus (1.5 hour a week September till now)

Preparation for Westminster School.

International Students
100+ hours tutoring experience with 1 active student at this level, with 4 different students taught
Tawanda Smillie Year 5 Maths

He studies in America. During the schools end of year assessment he scored poorly and was very behind and the parents were advised to arrange a tutor for the summer holidays and that on commencement of the next academic year he would be re-assessed to see whether he could be promoted to the next year group or not. I assessed that the main problem with Tawanda was that he did not understand basic mathematical operations properly so I decided to do those again. I then contacted the school and obtained the curriculum. We covered all the syllabus in 2 months. In his Re-assessment he achieved 80% marks and promoted to year 6.

Paul Oleghe iGCSE Physics

The Oleghe family were on a holiday in Britain. They decided to have tuition for Paul. Paul was aiming for an A*. After assessing Paul I found that although he has covered most of his course but he was lacking the necessary conceptual depth of majority of the topics. Given that I had limited time with him I decided to cover his weakest topics in depth and briefly revise topics he had a stronghold over.

English not First Language
70+ hours tutoring experience with 10 different students taught

He arrived in the UK from Albania in April 2014. He was a victim of trafficking and was an extremely subdued person. He had been out of education since arriving in the UK and is in the process of applying for a college place for September 2014. His English was poor but understandable. The first step again was establishing a rapport. We talked about his likes, dislikes and aims in life. I asked him to teach me a few words in Albanian to break the ice. Anon explained that he wanted to do a degree in sports and fitness and after talking about my sports activities during my university life and my achievements he found a common interest in me and started started to interact well with me. I taught him basic topics for GCSE in which he did well and got a place at college.


He was on functional level 3 and my task was to teach him how to read numbers and other basic operations of Maths. Although he wanted to learn but the main issue was that his English was very poor. He did not even know the names of the different mathematical operations nor did he know the numbers in English. So we worked on this to begin with. I learnt the different mathematical operations in Albanian and then translated them for him in English. Once we had overcome this hurdle we able to achieve our target in a short time of 8 weeks.

SEN students
100+ hours tutoring experience with 1 active student, with 6 different students taught
Anonymous Year 9 Maths

Currently tutoring student with speech and language difficulties, forgets sounds and uses a computer.

Hobbies and Interests
Providing Financial education as a volunteer at various schools in London, Playing Chess, bodybuilding, cricket, Golf, driving, racing, Watching movies

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