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Classical Civilisations

About Me
I offer tuition in Latin and Classical Civilisation.
Educated originally in Belfast, I pursued my further education in Britain: I took my Primary degree in Latin from the University of St Andrews (MA Hons)
my teaching qualification (PGCE) from the University of Cambridge -and I returned home to take my PhD from QUB.

I have been a full-time teacher of Latin and Classical Civilisation since 1990. I am presently employed in a leading Belfast Grammar School. I have been an Examiner (marker) for AQA Classical Civilisation since 2004 and OCR Latin since 2011. At AQA I have been a senior examiner since 2012.
I adopt a professional and sympathetic approach to those with difficulties and to those wishing to maximise potential (e.g. Oxbridge entrance candidates). Personal contact is fully backed up with all materials available in electronic format.

PhD 2000 Queens University Belfast Awarded
PGCE 1990 University of Cambridge Awarded
MA (Hons) University of St Andrews IIii
A Levels 1985 Campbell College Belfast ABB
O Levels 1983 Campbell College Belfast AAAABBBBCC

Recent Tuition

In the academic year 2014-15, over and above my school commitments, I was personally responsible for

1 pupil to A2 Classical Civilisation (A)
1 pupil to A2 Latin (A)
4 pupils to GCSE Latin (A* A* A* A*)
1 pupil to GCSE Classical Civilisation (A)
2 pupils KS3 Latin
Many more similarly in previous years.

Hobbies and Interests
I love amateur music-making (choral singing, clarinet) and reading.

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