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Ancient Greek
Classical Civilisations

About Me
My specialist subjects are Ancient-Modern Greek and I also teach Latin.
I think that my students positive feedback makes me a good tutor.

2013-2014 QTS
2013-2014 IELTS (7.5/9)
1999-2005 University of Ioannina, Classics-Greek Philology, BA 2.1
1995-1998 1st High School Arta, Greece- 19,2/20
1998-1999 Greek Alevels- Latin (19/20), Ancient Greek (17/20), Greek History(19/20)

Recent Tuition

Greek Tutorial Colleges (small groups)// one-one private tuition :
age 12-16 :

Ancient Greek Texts for Translation-Grammar-Syntax

Modern Greek/Essay Writing
Students improved their school performance (grades-confidence)
age 16-18 (Greek Alevels) :

Ancient Greek Unprepared Texts or Translation-Grammar-Syntax
Latin Texts for Translation-Grammar-Syntax
Ancient Greek Philosophy (Plato, Aristoteles)
Ancient Greek Rhetoric (Lysias, Demosthenes)
Ancient Greek Historiography (Xenofon,Thucydides)
Modern Greek Language/Essay Writing
Modern Greek History

This age group focused on Greek Alevels, we managed to achieve their goals (university entrance exams)

Hobbies and Interests
I enjoy reading, walking, swimming, cinema, cooking, travelling

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