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About Me
I am a specialist Mathematics tutor who focuses on Pre-U, A-Level, GCSE and 11+ tutoring. Besides imparting knowledge, my specialty comes from my deep passion for performance training/coaching.
When I started tutoring 2 years ago, I started with the assumption that tutoring was just about imparting knowledge. I was wrong.
Now, I have come to realise that that a tutor is someone who is a teacher, coach and a mentor in a single package.
As a teacher, my key skill is the ability to reduce the complexity of a subject down to a basic level. My students have commented that my ability to "go down to their level" has helped them understand many complex topics.
As a coach, I have identified 4 Key problems that students face when it comes to getting the top marks in the maths exams.

The 4 sticking points are:

a) Going into an "auto-pilot" mode when answering questions which causes careless mistakes
b) Caring too much about neatness which makes them wait for the perfect answer before attempting a question
c) Over-reliance on revision where the student fails to attempt to think about the question because he or she feels that the question is "new" .
d) The "Oh-OK" syndrome - students revise by looking at the questions and answers without attempting them.

My responsibility as coach is therefore to help students overcome the 4 sticking points mentioned above.
As a mentor, my job is to find a way to frame the learning of Mathematics to fit my students-goals and ambitions.
I am currently a PhD student at Imperial College where I specialise in Machine Learning and Statistical Signal Processing. The goal of my research is to find efficient algorithms that are able to find patterns from data. I completed my degree in Electrical Engineering at Imperial College and did my A-Levels in Malaysia (where Im from).

PhD, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College London: Oct12- Oct15 (Expected)
M.Eng., Electrical and Electronic Engineering (1st Class), Imperial College London: Oct08 - Jul12
Edexcel A-Level: Mathematics (A*), Further Mathematics (A*), Physics (A*), Chemistry (A*) , HELP University College, Malaysia: Jan07 - Jul08

Recent Tuition
Edexcel GCE A-Level Mathematics

Roshan D. Feb13 - May13

When Roshans mother contacted me 3 months before his A-Level exam she was worried that his marks were not consistent enough. He was getting As and sometimes would get Bs and Cs. When I started the tuition I diagnosed the problem coming from 2 separate sources.
Problem 1: The school teacher was moving at a pace faster than he could absorb the material.
Problem 2: He was making many careless mistakes even for the topics he understood.
As a teacher, the solution was to quickly cover 2 years-worth of material in 4 months. The modules were C1 - C4, FP1, M1 - M2, S1. Although the task seemed big, we were able to follow a plan that made him less anxious. As a coach, I reduced the number of careless mistakes he was making by observing when he zoned out of and getting him to pay attention to the question.
Result: Roshan maintained an A grade after the tutoring. He is currently pursuing Economics at University.

11+ Maths

Sophia B. Oct13 - Jan14
Word Problems:
I was called to help Sophia who had difficulties in solving word problems in her 11+ exams. This was a strange problem because her mathematics marks (in school) were exceptional but her 11+ Maths marks were in the 70% region.

Sophia was aiming to get into very competitive London Day schools which had difficult entrance exams. Her main difficulty was in solving word problems but her mother wasnt able to diagnose the root cause of this issue.
The problem was that Sophia had trained herself in mental arithmetic which made her extremely quick in solving simple questions. This technique completely failed for word problems which required her to do the opposite of getting to quick solutions.
I diligently worked with Sophia to help her replace the old habit of fast guessing and with a more patient and structured approach.
Although, she struggled in the beginning, Sophia overcame this issue and got accepted into competitive schools (Surbiton High, Putney High) by increasing her mathematics score from 70% to 80%+.

Hobbies and Interests
I love reading about performance psychology, entrepreneurship, marketing and self-development. I also briefly dabbled in acting.

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