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About Me
I have three years of teaching experience, having worked with small groups and individual students. My specialist subjects are English and History, but I am also able to teach Theatre Studies, Creative Writing and help with university applications.
As a tutor, I understand that good results and subject confidence are not improved through learning facts and quotations parrot-style. As a result, my lessons are a combination of revision strategies, essay planning, close reading and building the students belief in their own abilities. To achieve results, students need to develop a number of skills, ranging from building in-depth subject knowledge to finding ways of calming nerves during exams. I think, irrespective of how difficult or inaccessible a subject may seem, that a student will always be able to find one area that is fascinating or captures their imagination. Engaging student interest is vital to unlocking learning potential and improving their performance.
Whether I am working at university level, or tutoring for the 11+, I make sure that I always have time for my students. I understand that on occasion, particularly with exam pressures or course work anxiety, students want a tutor with whom they can be in touch. As a result, I am quick to respond to emails and flexible in terms of arranging extra sessions that will assuage student anxiety.
I am enthusiastic about all of the subjects I teach, an interest I impart to my students when approaching their curriculum. In addition to this, I am very organized and motivational, outlining clear deadlines for students and ensuring they are very aware of academic expectations.
Having done the IB myself, I understand the system extremely well, from the emotional requirements of maintaining six subjects, to the international scope of the syllabi. I moved from a traditional English school in year ten, choosing to take the MYP and do a Personal Project as opposed to sitting my GCSEs. As a result, my enthusiasm for education and English, particularly, was consolidated through independent study and research. I spent six months taking an Open University Course in Creative Writing, while producing a book of short stories and a writing guide for the lower school.
While my IB experience was extremely positive, ensuring a diverse education that emphasized disciplinary dialogue, I recognize it is a uniquely stressful qualification. The international nature of the system means that a number of students are applying to countries other than the UK for their university, are preparing to leave their friends (often on a different continent) and simultaneously, are working towards an onslaught of exams in subjects ranging from science to art.
My tutoring style takes all of these conditions into consideration, combining encouragement and enthusiasm with very practical and efficient studying and exam technique. I offer support to my students, reassuring them about the exam process and of their own abilities such that they feel prepared to continue with schoolwork with a sense of confidence. Particularly when preparing students for exams, it is vital to impart a sense of their own ability and knowledge, such that they feel capable of continuing into the exams themselves independently.

2011 - 2014 Royal Holloway University PhD in Experimental Poetics (English)
2010 - 2011 Royal Holloway University MA in Poetic Practice
2007 - 2010 Royal Holloway University BA (Hons) in English and Drama (First)
2004 - 2007 ACS International School Egham: HL English (7) History (7) Drama (7) SL French (7) Maths (7) Biology (6)
2001 - 2004 Sir William Perkins School

Recent Tuition

I have previously worked with a ten-year old with English as a second language. I helped to improve her Maths-skills, finding innovative and more interesting ways of developing her understanding of fractions. Having discovered that she liked birthday parties on account of the cake, we spent a few sessions learning how a cake could be divided into equal parts amongst party guests, demonstrating the practical application of Maths! We also worked together on improving her understanding of English, combining Creative Writing with Verbal Reasoning.
I have also worked on Maths with a student studying for 11+. My students confidence had been knocked by a teacher, who had not responded supportively to two bad test results. The student and I spent sessions going through the material she had covered in class, identifying any areas she perceived as problematic, in order to build her confidence. Working through the Maths together, we also set aside portions of the lesson in which she worked individually to prove that she was able to implement the skills and knowledge independent of a tutor. To reiterate this independent skill, I also set her small amounts of homework that demonstrated she was able to continue with correct answers outside the context of a one-on-one session with a tutor.
I have worked with an A Level student on her English Language paper in the build up to her exams. The focus was placed upon exam technique, time management, methods for revising the material and paper practice. The majority of the sessions were structured around practicing past papers to build confidence and familiarity with the types of questions and materials involved. Furthermore, we talked through UCAS applications and worked on a Personal Statement for her universities of choice.
My History experience is teaching intensive pre-exam courses to groups of students. The sessions were focused exclusively on the material that needed to be covered for the assessments, methods for coping with the stress and how best to learn lines of argument for the exams. The most effective way to remember details and narratives is through lines of argument, which can then be drawn upon for multiple essay questions. In structuring revision as such, the students feel more comfortable going into the essay-based exam with a series of figures, dates and facts in their arsenal. The pre-exam course occurred a few weeks prior to the exams themselves and so the class had an extremely high stress level. My role was to calm nerves but also work at a pace that ensured they were furnished with the requisite material to do well in the exams.
Having worked as a Visiting Lecturer in English for two years, ranging from classes of four pupils, to one-on-one office hour sessions, to larger groups of 15 or so, I am able to cater material to different levels of ability. It has also developed my awareness of context and how different students have widely varying learning methodsas such, I cater my material specifically to the student, working on areas of weakness and building upon strengths. Using my office hour to work with individual students has made evident the importance of making material accessible and clear. I spent a lot of time going over metre and offering essay feedback, prioritizing student understanding of university expectation. This level of teaching has required me to work with students-critical faculties, in-depth textual analysis and improving their ability to write advanced theoretical essays. I have also taken a Higher Education teaching qualification, of which the most valuable training was on teaching to diversity, which addressed students with learning difficulties.

Hobbies and Interests
Having studied English and Drama, I am a regular attender of the theatre, preferring in-yer-face 90s work and new writing at more experimental venues. I also go to a lot of poetry readings, both to listen and perform. I am involved in the running of avant-garde poetry evenings in London, which bring together different disciplines and, in doing so, promote dialogue between artists. I also enjoy going to the cinema, particularly to see world cinema. I really enjoy the all night movie marathons at the Prince Charles Cinema and the film festivals hosted at the BFI.

As I am currently in my final year of PhD, I spend a lot of my free time attending conferences and giving papers, the last of which was at the Sorbonne in Paris. Although higher education doesnt sound like much of a hobby, I enjoy going to talks around London on poetry, feminism and contemporary politics.

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