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My specialist subjects are English and Drama/Theatre Studies, and I also teach History, Creative Writing, English s learning patterns. I am well organised, personable and able to make the subject come alive -s self confidence as well as encouraging a strong work ethic.

I volunteer regularly with a disability/SEN inclusive youth theatre company in Hackney, and a creative writing charity which helps children access the curriculum through fiction writing! I have undertaken training sessions in this area. I have also worked as a teaching assistant in primary schools.

I have also worked as a teaching assistant and 1-1 support for children with a range of educational and behavioural additional needs, including working with a 6 year old with non verbal cerebral palsy, wheelchair users, children on the autistic spectrum, those with language impairment and dyslexia,

2005-2008- University of Manchester, Ba(Hons) Drama and English with First Class Honours
2002-2004- Hampstead School, A Level English (A), History (A) Theatre Studies (A) Biology (A)
2000-2002: Hampstead School, GCSE English (A*A*) Maths (A) Science(A) History (A*) French (A*) Spanish (A) Drama (*) Design Technology (A)

Recent Tuition
Home schooling English Maths:

Home schooling age 7: I have home schooled a 7 year old to ensure her transition into schooling England was as smooth as possible, working in all areas of KS2 , particularly Literacy and Numeracy. I continue to work with the student, to support her understanding of the syllabus.
Home schooling age 13: I home schooled a young teenager who had just been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. We worked outside of the traditional curriculum, focusing on model making to develop technical and design skills, co-ordination and creativity, as well as facilitating a safe environment in which to practice social interaction.


Year 3 English and Literacy: I am currently supporting a student weekly with his English, focussing on his dyslexia and learning.
Age 8: I currently tutor an 8 year old girl studying under an International Baccalaureate course, particularly helping her literacy skills, focusing on handwriting, spelling and comprehension.
GCSE English Language: I tutored a GCSE student who was re taking English Language in the hope of achieving his C grade, which happily, he did. We looked at critiquing media sources, writing to persuade and to argue.
A-Level English Literature: I worked with a student to improve her structural essay writing skills, getting to grips with more complex literary terms and critical perspectives. We worked on a variety of texts, particularly comparing modern novels and war poems. She gained an A grade and a place at Kings University.
A-Level and IB English: I have worked with 6 A Level students and an International Baccalaureate students in the past 3 years to support them through their (English Literature) exams and coursework. We worked on detailed analysis of specific texts and inter-textual/contextual criticism, and developed essay writing and exam technique. All students achieved their desired grade and I received positive feedback from all my students.
A-Level English Literature: I worked with another A Level student on her literature A Level- focusing particularly on how to approach analysing unseen poetry.

Theatre Studies:

Another student I tutored in A Level for IB in Theatre Studies- looking in a more reflective, exploratory way at Dramatic concepts, movements, and writers. We also worked creatively on projects which required the student to engage in practical propositions for performance. She received top marks and a place at University.

Hobbies and Interests
I am a trained professional actress and writer.
I also write and perform sketch comedy
I am trying to learn the ukulele and to keep practicing my violin!

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