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About Me
Having studied and practiced my language and drama skills both in the UK an abroad, I can provide a solid base of conversational French, Spanish, German, and English as a foreign language, as well as breaking down Grammar into friendly, bite-sized bits. I also have a degree in Acting and can teach Drama up to BA level.

I have worked with students of all ages in my capacity as tutor, workshop leader, and entertainer. Having begun to understand the sort of approach that each age and personality requires, I am now able to adapt my teaching method to the needs of my students. At the same time, I am aware of the importance of making lessons fun as well as helping the pupil see the practical use of what they are learning. Once this is achieved, the subject becomes interesting and lessons are seen as helpful and enjoyable.

2011: MA Acting (University Of Essex)
2010: BA Acting ("Spiru Haret" University)
2009: BA Languages (University of Bucharest) - English/ German
2007: Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (British Council)

Recent Tuition

VE - I taught a weekly English course for their non-native English speaking employees and was quite happy to see that they were finding my class very useful. I received positive feedback and had a good turn-out, as well as a degree of precoccupation for the homework that I gave them, which was beyond expectation, given that everyone was overloaded with work.
Neer, 14 - I tutored Neer for German for a few months, helping him prepare for his exams and catch up with some lessons that he had missed due to a sports injury. He was a bright student, but lacked in self confidence, I therefore worked a lot on conversation and listening skills. By the time we finished our lessons, he had made significant progress in Grammar and pronunciation.
Katia, 14 - I helped Katia with French for the upcoming GCSE exam. She needed some work on Grammar and vocabulary, and with the use of visual materials and simple exercises, that she seemed to respond to quite well, we managed to break down verbal tenses and expand her vocabulary. She had a particular liking for music, so I ended each session with a few minutes of listening comprehension where we listened to a French song and translated the lyrics.
Beyza, 35 - Beyza had recenly moved to the UK from Turkey and wanted to improve her English and eventually take the naturalisation test. She was avid to learn phrases and new words and also needed to do some work on the use of verbal tenses. Beyza was able to absorb as much written material as possible, and we therefore focused on Grammar exercises, but also used video and audio materials in order to touch on all areas of vocabulary and distinguish between accents.
Matthew, 12 - as Matthew was young I endeavoured to make the lessons as interesting as possible using video and audio materials, to which he responded very well. I gave him easy homework and also helped him see the deep historical connections between French and English and how they are reflected in the language. This seemed to help him remember words with more ease, as he was very interested in history.
Sophie, 15 - Sophie was one of my first students in the UK. I tutored her for almost a year, preparing her for her A-levels. She was a very bright student, but German grammar can get quite complicated at that point and she lacked a little in self-confidence. We worked together methodically and varied the materials that we used - from grammar exercises to short films, videos, songs and games. Whereas in the beginning her spoken German consisted mainly of memorized phrases, by the end of the year we were able to have a real conversation in German.
Gurpreet, 14 - Gurpreet was preparing for her GCSE and saw German as tedious and something that she had to plough through. I began to ease her into the German grammar and point out the connections with English, while at the same time sticking to easy exercises and using audio and video materials to keep it a little more entertaining. By the end of our lesson, verbal tenses were no longer a mystery and she had learnt a great amount of vocabulary.

Hobbies and Interests
Creative writing, singing, piano, juggling, cooking, reading, hiking,theatre andhistory.

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