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English Literature

About Me
I have both an undergraduate degree and a masters degree in English literature and language, as well as a PGCE in Secondary English. My extensive experience teaching English in English secondary schools, primary schools as well as one to one tutoring, makes me an ideal tutor. I am patient, but I ensure that my students demonstrate improvement through regular assessment and feedback. I also endeavor to cultivate a love for the subject in the students that I tutor. I think that it is very important that children enjoy literature and language, and that they are given the tools they need to work independently. Given that I have taught extensively in primary schools, I am well suited to teaching 11+.

PGCE Secondary English, Durham University (2012 -2013)
MA English, University of Exeter (2011), UK.
BA English and Music, University College Cork (2009), Ireland.
Leaving Cert, St. Patricks College Cavan (2005), Ireland.
English A-level and GCSE (Ireland Equivalent) Grade: A

Recent Tuition
I have tutored A - Level English, GCSE English, English as a second language and business English. I ensure that my clients make sustained improvement, and that they achieved their chosen targets.

I recently tutored an A-level student named Lucy Green. She had been struggling with the AQA Unit 3 Literature paper, and I helped her with her analysis of poetry and prose. I also recently tutored a boy named Ahmed in preparation for his GCSE paper in English. I taught him how to construct his writing and to make his answers more concise and effective.
I have been fortunate enough to have had success tutoring a number of students. A specific case study of mine was my work with a boy called Michael who I tutored for his English GCSE. Michael was struggling with English literature , and his aspirational target grade was a D. After a couple of months of one to one tuition, however, Michael succeeded in attaining a B overall for his English GCSE. The key to this success, in my opinion, was fostering the right kind of work ethic, as well as using the marking scheme to inform practice. The most enjoyable and rewarding aspect of this success was seeing Michael engaging critically with literature in a way that he had not done previously. With my guidance, he radically improved his ability to search for deeper meanings and symbolism within texts. This is, I believe, the reason why he did so well.
The exam boards which I have prepared students for include OCR and AQA, literature and language pathways.
I have tutored and taught the following topics:

Key stage 3: AQA and OCR Poetry Anthologies, Creative Writing, Othello, Frankenstein (Phillip Pullman play), Lord of the Flies, Alice in Wonderland, Holes, The Curious Incident of the Dog at Nighttime, Skellig, etc.

GCSE: Romeo and Juliet, Carol Ann Duffy, Wilfred Owen, Steinbeck - Of Mice and Men, Aurthur Miller - A View from the Bridge, etc
A - Level: Creative Writing, Wuthering Heights, Poetry, Hamlet, Frankenstein (Shelley), etc.
I also have experience of one to one work with special needs students. I have supported a student with hearing impairment, and learning difficulties. As well as that, I have had experience with the following conditions:

Attention deficit disorder

Hobbies and Interests
I am a published writer, poet and playwright. I have had plays performed in the UK, as well as poetry published in journals. I have also had my academic work published, and I am currently writing a book with an aim to finishing it within the year.
I am also a performing singer-songwriter, and have played concerts both at home and abroad. I play guitar and sing in a band in London. We are currently recording and have a tour lined up.

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