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About Me
My specialist subjects are 11+ maths and english. I can also teach French, year 7 or 8 subjects, and maths year 7 and beyond.
I have a top academic background, an ability with young people or those new to studies, and I have helped my own children and adult students. I have also tutored children at younger primary school ages.

MA (Hons) degree in Philosophy, Politics, Economics - Oxford University.
A Levels: 4 As in Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry. Also merits in Maths and Further Maths S papers.
A/O levels: Maths and Computer Studies (A grades).
O levels: 8 other subjects: including Maths, English Language, French, German, Physics, Chemistry, Geography (7 A grades).

Recent Tuition

Maths, verbal and nonverbal reasoning. English, written and spoken from different starting points. Tutored children of family friends and own children. Son and daughter both secured places, one at Notting Hill and Ealing High School, another at John Lyon school (Harrow Group school).
English as a secondary language at various levels.
Elementary French. Tutoring for students whose primary language is Urdu or Hindi. I have also mentored Arab students, helping them cross the initial hurdles with a new language, culture and environment, before developing their abilities at their preferred pace.
IELTS English language for postgraduate Arab students: student secured MPhil (research) degree from Brunel University, and is now working on a PhD.
Recently tutored and guided in International Law, specifically World Trade Organisation (WTO). Assisted with preparation for viva, as well as background research in the field.

Hobbies and Interests
Reading on current and historic subjects. DIY. Actively interested in following and playing tennis. Science fiction, especially Doctor Who. Word games. Developing general knowledge with different aged people.

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