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English Literature

About Me
I specialise in Spanish and German, particularly in contemporary Latin American culture and literature, and 20th century German cultures of performance at University (my final grade in Latin American studies was the highest in the year at Cambridge University). I also teach English language and literature. I have a wealth of pastoral and academic history, teaching English abroad in Costa Rica and Argentina, as well as private tuition in the UK.

I graduated from Magdalene College, Cambridge in 2012 and since moving to London I have been tutoring at both GCSE level and A level, as well as offering help and advice to Oxbridge candidates.

I am passionate about my subjects, and I try to inspire my pupils in a similar way, treating them as individuals. It is important to me to make my subjects relevant and engaging, and I always enjoy the challenges and rewards that come with each separate pupil.

2008-2012 University of Cambridge - BA (Hons) in Modern and Medieval Languages
2002-2007 Shrewsbury School:

A Levels English (A)
German (A)
Spanish (A)
AS Level Theatre Studies (A)
10 GCSEs (A*)

Recent Tuition
I have been tutoring since October 2010 when I worked with my first two GCSE Spanish students. All of my A-Level students this year got into their first choice of universities. Below is a snapshot of my previous students representative of my experience:

A Level Spanish - Maisie

I initially came on board to help Maisie with her Spanish conversation, but this role soon expanded to a more holistic approach, covering grammar, literature, and translation. She achieved an A and gained a deferred place to Manchester University.

A Level Spanish - Ed

I worked with Ed during the school holidays as he attended boarding school. He had been taught well, but just needed that extra incentive to gain top marks, particularly in the essay questions. He achieved a B, as well as an A in his resit, which was enough for his target university (Leeds).

A Level Spanish - Dixi

I had an intensive week with Dixi during her school holidays before the exam, but we quickly formed a strong bond. I was brought in specifically to help her with her oral, in which she got an A, but I also helped bring her grammar and translation skills up to scratch. She finished with a B overall and also got into her first choice of university (Durham).

A Level Spanish - Becca

Becca had very little grasp of the syllabus and basic grammar required, as she had recently moved to England from a different education system, but after a crash course in the language and literature sections of the paper, she got a passing mark of C, which was what she required to get into her target university.

A Level Spanish - Beth

Weekly sessions with Beth who really struggled with the language. I helped her progress from a D to a B grade which allowed her to get into her chosen university (Birmingham)

Spanish GCSE - Lydia

Achieved A grade in final exams.

Spanish GCSE - Sophie

Taught her alongside Lydia. Also achieved A grade in final exams.

Spanish GCSE - Espe

Espe was sitting her Spanish GCSE a year early, but was receiving little to no help from her school in this, so I brought her up to speed with the syllabus and exam technique, as well as the requisite grammar and vocab. She gained an A*, including full marks in her coursework.

German GCSE - Caroline

Weekly sessions on comprehension and grammar. Caroline achieved an A grade.

Spanish GCSE - Ollie

Ollie had been struggling with his studies and had received little help from his school despite being dyslexic. As my mum is the Special Needs Education Officer at Wolverhampton University, and my sister is also dyslexic, I could recognise the signs and adapt my teaching approach accordingly. I formed a strong rapport with Ollie and, using memorisation techniques that I borrowed off actor friends to help them learn their lines, I helped him to feel a lot more confident about the written and oral exams.

Cambridge Application - French and German

Personal statement and UCAS application support for Ben who was applying to Cambridge to read French and German. We also focused on literary analysis and interview technique. Ben was accepted into Fitzwilliam College.

CE 13+

When required I offer Skype tuition to international students, and recently helped Abdulla from Azerbaijan into Harrow (13+). I also have semi-regular clients who attend boarding school (Millfield and Sherborne Independent School), so I coach them during their holidays.

TEFL and sports coaching in Costa Rica and Argentina for an 8 month and 10 month period respectively. The experience was demanding but extremely rewarding and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

Hobbies and Interests
I am an actor, writer, and comedian. I love music and sport too, and support Liverpool FC!
I have been a presenter on the award-winning station Cam FM 97.2, as well as working for the Argentinean radio and culture magazine Las Rosas 107.3 FM. I was head of the Satire and Comedy section at TCS (The Cambridge Student) and also wrote regularly for Cambridge Theatre Review and A Younger Theatre.

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