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About Me
Hi! My specialist subject is Mathematics but I also teach Physics, Biology and Chemistry.
I have extensive experience teaching others having helped siblings, classmates and younger students during schooling and university. I am very patient and am able to break down even the most complex problems, formulas and theorems to basics to make them easy to understand.

2012-2015 BSc Mathematics: 1st Class Honours, 73%
2011-2012 MEng Mechanical Engineering: 1st Class Honours, 84% - only did 1st year
2009-2012 IES Ramiro de Maeztu (Spain): IB - Math Higher Level (7), Spanish A1 Higher Level (7), English A2 Higher Level (6), Physics Standard Level (6), Chemistry Standard Level (6), History Standard Level (5). Total of 38 points.
Spanish Bachillerato - Mathematics (9), Physics (9), Chemistry (10), English (10), Spanish (9), Spanish History (10), History of Philosophy (10), Biology (9)
2005-2009 Kings College Madrid: 1 A level Module - Core Mathematics C1 (100)
10 IGCSEs - Mathematics (A*), Spanish (A*), Combined Sciences (A*, A*) , Geography (A*), Business Studies (A), English Literature (A*), English Language (A), French (A*), English as a Second Language (A*)

Recent Tuition

I have often helped out siblings and other students at all levels during university and schooling. I believe that the best way to learn maths is to do maths. I like to explain the concepts and then test how well the student understands this with a few problems starting off basic and ending with a rather hard question.

Hobbies and Interests

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