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About Me
My specialist subject is Mathematics. I have been tutoring for the last five years privately and have taught at various levels from primary to first year degree level Mathematics. I thoroughly enjoy teaching Mathematics and have been successful as a tutor in raising the levels and abilities of all of my students. No student is the same and therefore I believe there is no set method in teaching a particular subject. I believe a one method fits all philosophy negates a students individual gifts and challenges. By adopting tailored methods best suited to an individuals needs I have been successfully able to raise a students confidence and ability.
Drawing on my teaching experience to date, I have developed vital interpersonal skills enabling me to easily build rapports with my students. This is crucial to teaching students at all levels and ages.
For the past five years I have also worked as a financial salesperson for the financial information sector. I have now come to a juncture in my life whereby I would like to teach Mathematics full time and enter into the teaching profession.
I enjoy my profession immensely. Not only do I help to achieve higher examination grades for older students but, just as important, I aim to make the subject both fascinating and stimulating as I have learnt during my years as a tutor that this approach is most likely to bring success.

2004-2008 BSc (Hons) Mathematics Kings College London
2003-2004 A Levels Maths (B) Biology (C) Politics (B)
2001 GCSEs Maths (A) Double Science (A/A) English Language (B) English Literature (B) French (A) Geography (B) Religious Education (A*) Graphic Products (B) Art (C)

Recent Tuition
Primary tutoring

Kiran (age 6) was struggling with Maths at school and her Mother wanted her to have some extra help at home going through times tables, basic number skills involving mental arithmetic and mathematical quizzes. Kiran found the quizzes to be a fun and engaging approach to learning and improved greatly using this method. Over time, Kirans confidence was boosted alongside her ability in the subject.
Richard (age 7) disliked going to school and especially dreaded Maths lessons. His parents wanted a Maths tutor to primarily change his attitude towards studies in general with the emphasis being on Maths. Each lesson was filled with fun and dynamic activities and soon enough Richard began to look forward to our weekly classes. His parents noticed a clear shift in his attitude towards School. Unfortunately I only taught Richard for a few months before the family moved to Canada.
Daniel: 10 years old

Daniel had fallen behind in his classwork for Maths and his mother was looking for a tutor who would bring him up to date and also work with him on improving his level of confidence in the subject. Daniel took to tutoring very well and found in no time that maths was his favourite subject.

Steve: 11 years old

Steve needed assistance in sitting for an entrance exam for a private boys school. I worked with Steve mainly on how to tackle exam style questions and also worked through any gaps in his knowledge.

Secondary tutoring

Matthew: 15 years old

Matthew was in set three for Maths and was predicted a C in his Maths GCSE paper. He had trouble in keeping up with the classroom lessons and homework and I found that I needed to work through the entire GCSE syllabus with him in order to ensure that there were no gaps in his knowledge. We covered the syllabus leaving ample time to work through past examination papers. Matthew achieved a grade A in his GCSE.

Dan: 13 years old

Dan needed help with her Maths homework and working through the classroom material again. Each lesson I would help her with her homework and we would cement her classroom learning by going through the material and practicing extra questions. Dan moved up a set whilst I was tutoring her and she became a top performer in her class.

Molly: 14 years old

Molly was a very bright girl but had difficulty in concentrating on her classwork and homework. I worked with Molly in finding a suitable approach that would engage her with the subject. By keeping the lessons dynamic and exciting I was able to sustain Mollys attention and successfully work through the material with her.

A-Level tutoring

Sarah: 16 years

Sarah found the jump from GCSE to A-Level a big challenge. She struggled with the new concepts found in A-Level Mathematics and was considering taking up an alternative subject. She came to me in November last year and we started off going through the material from the beginning. By being patient with Sarah and providing her with the space to ask questions she readily grasped the subject matter and her confidence began to grow.

Rachel: 17 years old

Rachel came to me two weeks before her S1 exam and wanted intense tutoring. We focused on exam techniques and filling any gaps in her knowledge. It was important that Rachel got an A for this exam which she did achieve.

Hobbies and Interests
I love dancing and have recently taken up ballet lessons. I attend a regular dance class once a week. I thoroughly enjoy knitting as I find it incredibly relaxing. This year, I started a number of knitting projects and I hope to continue with this hobby in the coming years. In my spare time, I also draw and paint.

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