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About Me
My specialist subjects are English (and Maths at primary level) and Drama to undergraduate level. I also teach Maths and Science to GCSE. I am a fluent Russian speaker.

2007 -2010 Queen Mary, University of London

BA (Hons) in Drama and English (Second Upper Class)

June 2007 TEFL Certificate Course
2005 - 2007 Haileybury School (Scholarship in Drama)

International Baccalaureate: Higher English 5, Higher Philosophy 5, Higher Theatre Arts 6, Mathematics Methods 4, Spanish 4, Biology 5, Theory of Knowledge C
A-level: Russian A

2000 - 2005 Raphael Independent School

GCSE: Mathematics A, Science BB, English BB, Spanish A, Russian A*, Business Studies B, Drama A

Recent Tuition
Im currently working as a One to One tutor at two primary schools and as a Teaching Assistant and SEN Teaching Assistant at various schools. I work one to one with the students aged 5-8 mostly, both in class and outside of the classroom on a 1-1, 1-2 and group basis, covering all areas of the curriculum but mostly numeracy and literacy.

English - Year 6. I work with 7 children over the course of a full school day. I work with the same group on a weekly basis. This is a combination of 1-1 and 2-1 support. We work mostly on teaching and improving grammar and also cover comprehension skills. The lessons are tailored each week to ensure they are leading on from content covered in full class lessons.
Maths - I work one half day each week with the same 3 children, consolidating new maths concepts taught in class.
Maths - I work on a weekly basis with siblings Matilda (8) and Bethie (6), mostly consolidating concepts covered in class but not fully grasped. We also work on mental maths strategies.
Maths - weekly catch up sessions with 10 year old Conrad - catch up. Conrad has mild hearing difficulties and recently moved to the UK from a school in Nigeria so has some gaps in his core mathematical knowledge. We are working through the Year 4 and Year 5 curriculums to fill these gaps. Conrad is making excellent progress.
English and Maths - intensive tuition over a two week period with Miav who was staying in the UK for a short period. His family are from Saudi Arabia and they travel extensively so Miav has moved between several different schools. He consequently has quite large gaps in his knowledge within key areas so we focused on filling these.
I have also provided tuition in English, Maths and Science to GCSE level students.
GCSE English: I helped 3 separate students throughout their GCSE course. We worked on essay techniques, such as varying the lengths of sentences effect, writing logical and coherent paragraphs and incorporating extensive and powerful vocabulary.
GCSE English s intentions (as a way of developing the reading skills of students).
GCSE Maths: I began with the foundations of the four functions whilst focusing on mental maths skills. Making the connection between topics of mathematics - encouraging students to find the most effective solution through knowledge of different methods. Using algebra and ratio to solve word problems.
GCSE Study Skills - Focus is on practice of skills learnt in class to build confidence and setting tests after a topic is completed. Method of reaching solutions to be shown clearly and neatly.
GCSE Science: I like to begin with teaching students to see the connection between structure and function - atomic structure and particle theory for Chemistry/Physics and cell structure and diversity in Biology. I then follow by teaching patterns of behaviour in the periodic table, formulae in Physics/ Chemistry and classification in Biology. I have found this to to be an effective foundation. Drawing techniques and annotation are taught as well as methods for drawing conclusions from experimental work.
SEN Experience: I have worked with a very wide range of disabilities but most of my experience is in working with children who have ADHD and those with ASD.
Most recently I have worked on a one to one basis with a five year old boy with ADHD in a mainstream school. We have worked on strategies to help him in the classroom as well as teaching maths and English to fill in the gaps in his knowledge.
Ethan 6: Ethan has ADHD so he was struggling to concentrate in a classroom environment and needed one to one help. Ethan really enjoyed drawing so I found that if he could illustrate his math and English work he could focus on it for longer periods of time and absorb more information.
Mohammed 5- Mohammed is autistic and I found that he responded a lot better to colorful maths puzzles that he could touch and explore. Mohammed was also very interested in dinosaurs, space and planets so choosing books on those subjects helped get him interested in reading.
Oliver 5- Oliver has selective mutism. I found that giving him a clear choices gave him the confidence to express himself and want to participate in activities with other children.

Hobbies and Interests
I surf, horse ride and play the ukulele.

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