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About Me
As a student, I was hard working and high performing, attending a competitive high school and making the grades and scores to go on to a top university. As a schoolteacher, many of my students entered my classroom very far behind and very discouraged. From this dual perspective, I understand not only what it takes to succeed academically at an individual level but also how to help struggling students achieve. I loved teaching, and while I no longer teach full-time, tutoring gives me the opportunity to inspire new students while I pursue my own studies.

My specialist subjects are Maths, English and English Literature 7+, 11+, 13+, GCSE, A-Level and IB and Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning 7+ and 11+. Last year, I taught the US Common Core English curriculum to students aged 12-15, receiving professional development focused on literacy. As a high school student, I received a 5 on the Advanced Placement English Literature exam (equivalent to A* on A Levels).

I am also available to tutor for US university entrance exams and applications, including the SAT and ACT. On my own SAT, I received a composite score of 2360 out of a possible 2400 points. The breakdown of my score was as follows: 800 on Verbal, 760 on Math, 800 on Writing. Last year, I advised high school seniors on their personal statements for university entrance. I attended Brown University and have a broad familiarity with the US system.

2013-2014 London School of Economics, MSc International Political Economy
2012-2013 Dominican University, Illinois State Teaching Certificate
2008-2012 Brown University, BA Political Science (magna cum laude)
2004-2008 The Brearley School, High School Diploma (top 20% of graduating class)
Advanced Placement exams:

5 on English Literature
5 on US History
(equivalent to A* on A Levels)

SAT university entrance exams:

800 on English
760 on Maths
800 on Writing
(out of possible composite score of 2400)

Recent Tuition

I successfully prepared students for the Illinois Standard Achievement Test, which determined their matriculation to the high school level. All of my students matriculated.
I tracked student data in order to keep track of class-wide and individual level strengths and weaknesses. I differentiated the content of my lessons so that they were appropriate level for each of my five classes.
I saw 130 students and had to find ways to engage, motivate and explain that fit each of their personalities and learning styles. My highest-level 8th grade class made over a years worth of progress on their end-of-year benchmark assessment. They entered high school reading above grade level.

School applications:

I helped my student H with his successful application to a selective enrollment high school.

University applications:

While teaching, I volunteered after school at the adjacent high school to help 11th and 12th grade students (ages 16-18) revise their personal statements for university applications and practice for the ACT assessment.
Since moving to London I mostly tutor maths and English at primary level. Below are a few examples of the students Ive worked with:
Year 3 Maths - Weekly lessons with B since October 2013 revising Year 2 and Year 3 Maths topics to build her confidence, independence and accuracy. Her teacher recently reported that B seems more positive about Maths at school, and I have tracked a significant improvement in her addition and multiplication skills.
Maths and English - D went from being class clown to having the highest average in the grade by the end of the year once I identified that he wasnt being challenged enough and started to create extension assignments for him.
Maths and English - To meet the needs of one of my lowest students, N, I provided after-school tutoring once a week
on the end-of-year assessment, he demonstrated among the highest growth gains in his class.
Maths and English - I began tutoring P for three hours a week after she switched from a French language to English language curriculum. When I first met her, she was behind the rest of her class, but by second semester she had made her schools Honor Roll.

Below is a snapshot of my teaching experience and the work I have done with students in the USA:

Year 9 English:

In between my BA and MSc, I taught 8th grade (Year 9) English on the South Side of Chicago with Teach for America, which is the American equivalent of Teach First.

Adhering to the 8th grade Common Core standards (these are the national learning goals in the US system), I wrote the 7th grade Honors and 8th grade English curriculum from scratch.

Hobbies and Interests
I love to travel and my recent move to London has made many destinations a lot closer! I plan to do some backpacking in Northern Europe and North Africa this year.

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