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About Me
I am an experienced tutor in French and English as a foreign language. I also teach English and maths up to Common Entrance level. I have 14 years experience in giving one-to-one tuition to students of diverse ages, needs and abilities. I am French but have lived in the UK for nearly 20 years. Having spent many years learning languages myself, I know what works and what does not.
Students enjoy learning with me: they focus on learning and improving their skills, but I ensure its never boring and I always endeavour to make the difficult bits as easy as possible. I am also very patient and adapt my teaching style and pace to each student. I encourage and inspire my students to achieve their best. I get excellent results and after a few sessions with me your grades will shoot up!

2001: BA Hons International Management / Japanese, 2.1
1997: Diploma In Public Service Interpreting French / English, Grade: Distinction
1995: Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English
1993: French Baccalaureate: French A, English A, Maths A

Recent Tuition
1999-2000: Obirin University / New Day School / Tokyo Alts School, Tokyo:

My teaching career started in Japan, where I taught both French and English. I taught large classes at university and I also taught individual students in private tuition schools, planning and designing courses based on each students needs.

2000-Present: I continued teaching as a private tutor when I returned from Japan to the UK. I have since accumulated over 1000 hours of tuition with students of all ages and abilities. Below are a few examples of students I have taught over the years:
Worked with various students for 1 to 2 hour lessons in preparation for the Cambridge English Proficiency exams as well as EFL and IELTS.

Elodie, 7: Twice weekly tuition in English and Maths to support Elodie with her learning at school and keeping her engaged and in line with her classmates.
Keiji, 6: Weekly tuition in English. One of my youngest students, Keiji has ADHD so I adapted my teaching style to accommodate his needs and help him maximise learning.
Edward, 6 and Josh, 5: I am teaching these two young boys reading and writing in English and French twice a week. We practise writing, we read childrens books, learn new words and practise spelling them. They are making great progress. i.e. reading speed has doubled after just 3 weeks with me.
Kira, 11: Weekly tuition in English. Kira is blind so teaching was focused on speaking and listening skills. She is a very enthusiastic student and she made great progress in the space of a few months.
Mariko, 37, twice weekly lessons: I helped Mariko study towards the Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English. Mariko had already attempted and failed the exam twice before calling for my help. I focused on the specific skills required for each paper but also worked towards increasing her confidence, which was low when we started. After 3 months of tuition, Mariko successfully passed the exam.
Charlotte, 14, Queens College, ad-hoc tuition in French: Charlotte needs occasional support with her French. We have worked a lot on writing skills and specific technical aspects of the language which she did not fully understand at school. Her grades have gone from an average of 50-60% to 80-90%.
Thomas, 12, Arnold House School, weekly tuition in French. This year 8 student didnt like French at all when I first met him 2 years ago. Its now one of his favourite subjects! I provide support with homework, speech learning and pronunciation. I help him prepare and revise for reading, writing and oral exam papers. His previously low to average grades have shot up to an average of 70-80%. He has recently successfully passed his Common Entrance exams, achieving 76% in French.
Derrick, 18, International Baccalaureate (IB): I helped Derrick prepare for the IB, specifically the reading paper. This included specific exam techniques to help him maximise his score at the exam.
Chidera, 17, International Baccalaureate (IB): Chidera wanted mostly to practice speaking for her oral exam, so we focussed on pronunciation, useful words and expressions to use when speaking/expressing an opinion and a few useful exam techniques. In just 4 hours tuition with me, Chidera made tremendous progress and went from being quite shy to speaking confidently about a range of subjects.
Jack, 9: Although he is a native French speaker, Jack lives in London and his primary language is English. I provide him with support with spelling, grammar and his homework twice a week. We also practise reading 15 minutes every session.
Marco, 10: Marco feels lost in French class as he has fallen behind. We focus on studying the basics of the language and practising simple conversations. He is now slowly catching up.
Sofia: Sofia is 4 years old and I am teaching her her first French words. I use iPad apps to facilitate this. She is now able to make simple sentences in French.
Olivia, IB Higher: Olivia is about to take her iGCSE in French but is aiming for IB Higher and she has just been accepted to South Bank. I help her weekly with exam preparation and technique, which has helped tremendously and I am now expecting an A at both iGCSE and IB.
Nathalie, iGCSE student: Nathalie is a St Swithuns School student and she has fallen behind in French. So we have gone back to basics and she is already getting more confident. We are continuing with weekly lessons and I am certain she will now pass the French paper.
Theo, 18, Cambridge Pre-U Certificate: Theo is an Eton College student who needed my support specifically for his French literature paper. We focused on essay structure and technique, as well as the higher level language that he needs to use in his essays.
George, 13+ CE: I help George prepare for his French common entrance exam. This involves mainly practising the speaking and listening papers. We also work on learning all the vocabulary that he needs to be able to talk and write on a broad range of topics, as per his curriculum.

Hobbies and Interests
I am interested in design and architecture, as well as travel and languages. I also like long walks and reading. I love Japan and lived there for a year working as a private tutor.

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