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About Me
My specialist subject is French and I also teach Drama. I am bi-lingual, as I attended the French Lycee for 13 years. Having been immersed in French culture and its educational system for so long, I have a deep understanding than most of the language and its culture. I am enthusiastic and organised, with a strong passion for the arts and languages. My acting training informs how I teach, approaching the work in a lively and imaginative way.

2012 - 2013 - University of the Arts London - Masters of Acting - Distinction
2008 - 2011 - University of Bristol - (BA) Drama - 2:1
2006 - 2008 - Lady Margaret School - 4 AS/3 A2 Level (A - B)
1994 - 2006 - Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle - 9 GCSEs ( A* - B)

Recent Tuition

Nursery level - French - As part of time spent as a child carer for a little boy of 2 years old, the time spent with him was dedicated to French learning through talk and play, immersing him in a bi-lingual environment.

(I have spent time as a child carer for several French families in the past)

11+ - French - writing, reading and oral work. Conversational role play.
GCSE - French - writing, reading and oral work. Conversational role play. My student took their GCSE exam a year earlier than expected, and passed with an A*.

Hobbies and Interests
I have a strong passion for the arts, particularly theatre and film. I enjoy going to the theatre, the cinema, exhibitions and concerts. I am also passionate about music, playing the clarinet and the guitar, as well as writing my own music. Having trained as a dancer, I go to dance classes when I can as well as playing sports and running. I also have a strong passion for photography.

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