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About Me
My specialist subjects are Mathematics and Physics, at all levels. I also teach 11+ and Science to 13+. I make a good tutor as I am very approachable and bring an enthusiasm and energy to subjects students often find dull and lifeless. I am very malleable and tailor my tuition approach to each individual student. I offer a completely bespoke service. I also have an extensive knowledge of all standard examinations and exam boards.
2008-2011 BA in Mathematics (University of Cambridge)
2001-2008 Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe
- A levels : Maths (A) Further Maths (A) Additional Further Maths (A) Physics (A) Music (A)
- GCSEs : Maths (A*) Physics (A*) French (A*) Music (A*) Further Maths (FSMQ) (A) Chemistry (A) Classical Civilisation (A) English Literature (A) Biology (B) Religious Studies (B) Geography (B) English Language (B)
Recent Tuition
I have completed well over 1000 hours of one-to-one tuition with a wide variety of students of all ages and abilities. What follows is a selection of my past students, representative of my experience.
AS/A2 Level Further Maths: Weekly tuition with Max who has always been strong in maths but struggled with the harder topics and the pace of the further maths course. Max scored an A* in his A level Maths and we are currently gearing up for his Further Maths modules.
AS/A2 Level Maths: Weekly tuition with Lucas as he prepared for his AS retakes and A2 exams. Lucas went from a C to a consistent A across all modules.
AS/A2 Level Maths: Melissa scored a D in her AS maths mocks. I helped her intensively during her study leave and she went on to achieve a high B in her final exams.
AS/A2 Level Physics: Weekly sessions with Will who scored a D in his AS Level Physics. His confidence has risen incredibly and he is increasingly confident as we move towards his retakes and A2 exams.
IB Higher Maths: Intensive tuition in the run up to Georgia's IB retakes. Over two weeks, we covered all of the topics she struggled with and going into her exams she felt confident that there were no questions she wouldn't be able to answer.
IB Maths and Physics: Residential tuition for two students in IB Maths and Physics at the International School of Monaco. Oliver is taking Standard Level Maths and Physics and Virginia is taking Maths Studies. Virginia also is doing her Extended Essay in Mathematics which I am helping her with.
IB Maths and Physics: Cecely needed a last minute confidence boost before her final IB exams and I helped her with Higher Level Maths and Standard Level Physics. She ended up achieving full marks in her IB.
Pre-U Physics: Jamie needed a few topics clarified for his Pre-U Physics and I saw him for 2 hours a day the week before he returned to school for his final term. Jamie went on to achieve a D1, a result classified higher than an A* at A Level.
Physics Aptitude Test (Oxford Admissions Test): Greg needed help on the Maths half of the PAT and I tutored him in the run up to the test. He passed the test and ended up achieving a place at Oxford.
Cambridge Interview Preparation: I tutored Jennifer, based in Hong Kong, over Skype for her Cambridge Maths Interview. We discussed both general interview techniques as well as specific questions for the technical side of the interview (some of which appeared at her actual interview).
SAT: I have helped two students prepare for the maths half of the SAT. Both Evie and Chishimba had given up maths after GCSE, so they were very out of practice and really needed to do well in such an important test. In the short time we had, we covered the whole course, discussed test technique and went through a large number of practice tests. They are currently waiting for their results
SAT Maths Subject Tests: I have tutored two students for this specialist test. Much of the material covered isn't covered at the same level in the UK, so even though Lucas and Hannah considered themselves able mathematicians, the new test structure and content was difficult for them. After intensive tutoring, they grew in confidence and both ended up scoring over 700. They are both applying to colleges in the US now.
16+: Residential tuition with Oleg in Moscow who was very gifted academically but was struggling taking exams in English. Oleg is currently at Dulwich.
GCSE Maths: Weekly tuition with Flora who was consistently scoring around 50% in her maths tests. Flora also had large gaps in her knowledge due to a move of schools. After a few weeks of tuition, Flora's confidence grew, not only in maths but in her other subjects. She now is regularly scoring 100% (and is upset when she doesn't) and is head girl of her school.
GCSE Maths: Weekly tuition with Julia who has always rued having the study maths. She still doesn't call it her favourite subject, but she is very pleased to have been predicted an A this year.
GCSE Maths: Intensive tuition with James who felt unprepared for his GCSE exams.
GCSE Physics: Henry needed some last minute help on a number of topics for his Physics GCSE. We spent a few afternoons covering the harder topics and Henry ended up leaving his exams saying "There was nothing on the test he didn't know." He achieved an A*.
13+ Common Entrance: Intensive tuition with two Russian boys at a tuition centre in Cambridge for 13+ exams in Maths. They were applying for Westminster, Tonbridge and Winchester.
13+ Common Entrance: Intensive tuition with Anna who struggled academically owing to a tough home life. Anna was offered a place to St Edwards, Oxford and is looking forward to attending boarding school in England.
11+: I am currently tutoring two students in the run up to their 11+ in English and Mathematics
Hobbies and Interests
I am a very accomplished musician and have Grade 8 in singing and flute. I have played in many prestigious orchestras and wind bands and have performed in venues such as The Royal Albert Hall as well as embarking on tours across Europe. Singing is, however, my main musical exploit and I have had a wide portfolio of achievements ranging including receiving a choral scholarship to the University of Cambridge, performing a principal role in Britten's A Midsummer Nights Dream at the Aldeburgh Opera Festival and performing as a surprise singing waiter as part of a barbershop quartet. I have a deep passion for music and plan to keep improving upon these skills for the rest of my life.
I am also a very physical person and try to include this in all parts of my life. I have only recently got in shape and am loving exploring the possibilities this opens up. I regularly take part in dance and parkour classes and I am signed up for a half marathon and an 10k obstacle course race over the next 6 months. I enjoy a wide variety of sports and general outdoors activities.

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