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About Me
My specialist subjects are History and Maths and I also teach the 11+, Common Entrance and English. I am a good tutor because I am incredibly passionate about my subjects and want to instil this passion in my students. I have had many brilliant teachers throughout my academic career and have picked up the key characteristics which make a successful tutor. I believe in tailoring lessons to a students personal interest in order to make them enjoyable. I want to push students to go beyond the syllabus, without ignoring the basics. I also try to build up confidence by being as encouraging and complimentary as possible.

September 2013, GRE: 95th percentile in Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, 99th percentile in Analytical Writing.
October 2010-July 2013, University of Warwick, Ba(Hons) First Class in History.
2008, Marlborough College, 3 As in History, Maths and Further Maths at A level and a B in Latin. Pass with Merit in History Advanced Extension Award
2006, Marlborough College, 4A*s and 6 As at GCSE.
2003, Marlborough College, Academic Exhibitioner.

Recent Tuition

History Undergraduate: During my final year I informally provided support to students in their second year, going over their essays with them and giving them tips on structure and technique. The two students that I helped both received high 2:1s in their assessed work.
History A Level: Regular tuition for a student in her A2 year, working together on her coursework for the year and revision techniques when it came to the exam period. We worked mainly on research techniques and essay structure. She achieved an A* overall.
History A Level: I am currently tutoring two A2 students in History every week. With both students, we are working mainly on essay structure, writing style and analysis of sources. We are also covering the content of their courses.
History GCSE: I am currently tutoring a student in preparation for his History GCSE. We are covering the content of his course and paying particular attention to structuring answers. The student is very bright but was not necessarily too keen on History. Throughout the course of tutoring I have been able to motivate and encourage him to develop his historical interests and see the value of the subject.
Maths GCSE: I am currently tutoring a 14 year old student for GCSE Maths. The student has dyslexia and dyspraxia, so we are going over the subjects which he has already covered in order to underline his knowledge and boost his confidence.
Maths Key Stage 3: In 2009, I spent 3 months tutoring a 12 year old student in Mozambique. He was attending an international school and was exceptionally bright, therefore he had been moved up a year. We concentrated on covering the areas that he had skipped. Within 2 months he was confident at the new level and still retains his passion for maths today.
Common Entrance: I am currently tutoring a student in preparation for his common entrance exams. We are mainly focusing on English Comprehension, however also occasionally covering Composition, History and Maths.
11+: I am currently tutoring for the 11+ with a 9 year old student. We have so far worked on Verbal Reasoning, identifying the key question types and strategies for dealing with them. We have also started to cover the comprehension elements of the English section.

Hobbies and Interests
I am passionate about history and am going on to study it at postgraduate level next year. I therefore spend a lot of my time busying myself with research and reading in my area of interest, which is the relationship between stateless trading groups and the nations they inhabit. Currently I am embarking on a research project for a collaborative book about the future of national boundaries.
Outside of academics, I am a keen football fan. I follow the news avidly, try to go to as many games as possible, and play the occasional five a side game. I am also very keen on travelling -in the past years I have spent a significant amount of time in Africa, the USA and across Europe.

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