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About Me
My specialist subjects are Mathematics and Physics from Common Entrance to A/IB level. I also teach Italian and Spanish to GCSE level as well as Chemistry at A level. My aim in tutoring is to stimulate interest in the subjects being studied. I try to make my lessons enjoyable by relating the subject at hand to interests or knowledge the student may have. I am very patient and have learned how to adapt to students individual needs.

Since my last year at school and throughout university I have been tutoring part time. I find inspiring young people and helping them achieve to be very rewarding. I completed a degree in Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College London last year. I am now pursuing a switch to Medicine.

Oct 2009 - July 2013 Imperial College London.

Upper Second Class Honours in Biomedical Engineering (MEng).

The New School, Rome 2006-2009

GCE A levels: Physics (A), Mathematics (A), Chemistry (A) and Spanish (A).
AS Level: Italian (A), History (B).

Recent Tuition
Below is snapshot of the students Ive worked with:

A-level Mathematics and Physics

(April - June 2014)

I have just received news that the two A level physics students I had this April have achieved an A and a B each. These are exactly the grades they wanted.

(2012 - 13)

Taught A Level Maths and Physics online whilst at university. I had two students that I taught regularly throughout the year. I helped them prepare for exams by helping them do past papers. Both achieved several A grades in these papers.

IB Mathematics

(April 2014)
Standard level -

Taught IB SL mathematics to two students in preparation for their final exams. I have expanded my approaches to teaching several topics (such as statistics) and my understanding of different students learning needs. One of these positions was residential tuition.

Higher level - Taught a very bright student who was struggling with only one part of the syllabus, practical applications of calculus. I had success in showing her how concepts in calculus relate to real world problems.

GCSE Maths and IB Maths Studies

Currently tutoring a very bright student in IB Maths studies. He picks topics up quickly but needs to do much more practice. I am confident he will do well in his exams in January.
I tutored a student who struggled with maths and was not particularly dedicated in school. However with plenty of tuition he managed to achieve a decent standard of GCSE maths. I believe he obtained a satisfactory grade in his examination.
My tutoring job at an after school tuition centre has given me experience in teaching the GCSE syllabus. The students style of learning is particularly important at GCSE, given the wide range of abilities in mathematics at this stage.

Physics, Biology, Geography and Chemistry

Tuition at an after school tuition centre ages 5 - 10. During my time here I have gained experience in working with younger students (ages 5-10) and this has given me insight into the different approaches required in teaching different age groups.


I have recently begun teaching English at my job at an after school tuition centre. This has been with children up to year 8. This has involved helping them with spelling, vocabulary and writing short essays. I am looking forward to teaching more English in the future.

--July 2011--

Taught children between age 8 and 13 as part of a team of assistant student teachers in Deptford Green Middle School (Student Associate Scheme). I demonstrated the real world application of Physics by explaining harmonics and natural frequencies using my guitar and online videos. The students really enjoyed these lessons.

--2008 - 2009--

Taught two younger students from my school after hours. One had mild ADHD and had difficulty concentrating in class, causing her to fall behind. Tutoring helped her keep up to speed with GCSE maths and improved her confidence in the subject. My second pupil was planning on doing 11 GCSEs. He was an outstanding student but struggled with the sciences. I tutored him for one year in Physics and he achieved an excellent result.

Hobbies and Interests
Classic and Electric Guitar - I enjoy both modern and classic rock as well as classical music.
I enjoy playing football with friends but my favorite sport is surfing, for which I occasionally travel to Cornwall.

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