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Economics and Business Studies

I have a passion for the subject that I teach, a sound subject knowledge, and most invaluable of all, qualities of empathy, patience and sincerity, which enable me to tailor tutoring to the individual students needs. I have taught Economics at different levels (A2, AS, IB and GCSE), planning and delivering engaging lessons to students of a range of abilities, including Oxbridge entrants, for both the AQA and Edexcel boards and have tutored students to help them achieve top grades for the IB, OCR, AQA and Edexel Economics exam boards. In addition to this, I have experience as an A level Economics examiner for the AQA exam board, which has provided me with a major insight into the criteria for achieving high grades.

I am currently teaching at a leading independent girls school. The school came top for GCSE results out of all Girls Dy Trust Schools (GDST), and second for A level results.

I have also had 3 years of teaching experience at an outstanding comprehensive school in London, having come into contact with students from a variety of social and ethnic backgrounds. I mark Extended Project Qualifications (EPQs) for those A level Economics students keen to research an Economic related issue. The projects are assessed at the equivalent of undergraduate degree level. I work extensively with Advanced Skilled Teachers (ASTs) considering a whole range of strategies and tools to enhance student learning. I have had experience teaching intense Easter revision courses at Lansdowne College, a highly prestigious sixth form college.

My role as a teacher has often involved close regular contact with parents, as well as staff, which I believe is crucial to bring the best-out of every student. Our school results for A2 Economics: 95% achieved grade A-C and GCSE Economics: 90% A-C.

Last year I led an A level Economics trip to visit the Bank of England and the Bloomberg offices in the City, and am currently running the Bank of England Target 2.0 Competition, which my school has been fortunate enough to compete in.

MA Business Education Grade B
PGCE in Business and Economics Education,
BSc Business and Management

Recent Tuition

I have tutored Alexandra in AQA AS Economics - She achieved an A grade, averaging 90% in her exam!
I tutored Lucy OCR A level Economics. Lucy achieved an A grade and entered her first choice University in September 2014.
At school and colleges I have delivered intervention and revision classes to small groups and individual students. These have targeted both the Oxbridge high achiever, and those students keen to improve on their predicted grades.
I have tutored IB Economics Higher level to a home school student for over 3 months this year. He attained a 6, a considerable improvement from what he was expecting, and now has a place at Edinburgh University.
I tutored an IB Economics Standard Level student this year, and she recently informed me that she achieved a 37, and was very p[leased with her result.
I have further tutored several other IB Economics students for shorter and more sporadic periods, usually to help with internal assessments/assignments and all have fed back to me that the tuition I gave was very helpful.

Hobbies and Interests
I enjoy extensive travel. Recent destinations include Israel and Palestine, Greece and Italy. I like to play tennis, swimming and the gym
enjoy hospitality with friends, and am an avid reader of a wide range of subjects. I was formally a professional actor.

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