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Personal Statement

About Me
Specialist subjects: Math, Geography and Biology
Additional Subjects: Mechanics, French, Italian

I have worked with a range of international students that seek to excel in the early stages of their education in order attend a Russell Group university in the UK. I have a similar background and genuinely enjoy these subjects. I work as a Sustainability Engineer therefore I take some time off during the weekend to teach because I enjoy the prospect of being able to inspire other people to pursue successful careers like myself. My tutees are not clients
they are mentees that need guidance. Subjects are not fun if they are taught in between four walls in a classroom format. Thats the difference between me and other tutors.

2009-2013 MEng Civil Engineering, University College London, First Honours Degree
2008-2009 A2 Level International School of Bucharest (Math - A, Geography - A, French - B)
2007-2008 AS Level International School of Bucharest (Math - A, Geography - A, French - A, Biology - B)
2005 - 2007 IGCSEs International School of Bucharest ( Math - A*, French - A*, English Literature - A*, Geography - A*, Physics - A, History - A, English - A, Biology - A)

Recent Tuition

Familiar with both the A/AS Level and International Baccalaureate (IB) systems, I have helped young adults achieve high grades and facilitated their understanding of the subject at hand. Ive worked with several institutions and organisations such as University College London, London School of Economics, Social Mobility Foundation and Excellence in Education, helping students with their studies and applications.
I am currently in charge of the educational progress of several families with whom I have developed a strong relationship. I am helping one student with her Maths in order to transfer back from the UK to the Dutch educational student. My other student currently resides in Switzerland and is hoping to study Economics at London School of Economics. We intersect either in Geneva or London in order to help her with her Maths. My biology students are two extremely intelligent twins that are studying for their A-levels. One of them suffers of dysgraphia therefore I am working closely with him to find a way around his disability. Another tutee Ive previously worked with was looking to go back to Italy from the IB System, therefore I help her with her maths in Italian in order to achieve a 5 in SL IB Maths.
Other relevant tutoring experience:

3 IB Maths SL students
1 IB Maths HL students
2 A-Level Biology students
2 Year 9 students (Science Maths)

Hobbies and Interests
An advocate for sustainable development, I have been involved in several international projects that focused on the development of communities in need. In parallel, I have been part of multiple school and higher education programmes, including private tutoring. I speak five languages, have travelled in over 35 countries, and lived on 4 different continents. I am passionate about photography and sustainably shaping the environment we live in.
I am currently working as a Sustainability Engineer for a multinational firm. I am also part of the Royal Academy of Engineering board to enhance diversity in our workplace. In addition, I am a mentor for a group of UCL students working on a charity project in Mexico with Engineers Without Borders.

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