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Ancient Greek

About Me
I have tutored, albeit informally, a variety of ages, nationalities and abilities. (See the Recent Tuition section for details.)

My specialist subject is Latin, which I studied to degree level at the University of Edinburgh. (The advantage of reading Classics at Edinburgh is that the course is entirely literature based, thus providing graduates with excellent translation skills, a key part of the GCSE and A-Level examinations, as well as a broad knowledge of classical texts.)

In addition I have two years experience pitching and training clients (and colleagues) in the use of some sophisticated online software. The ability to communicate and clearly explain the various functions and quirks of the product was essential to both win and educate clients. Such training was often conducted over the phone and/or by Skype.

Lastly, being the oldest of four with a sister in Year 11, I have become familiar with the different examinations and the potential stresses involved.


Classics MA - Lower Second Class
Course focused on Latin and Greek literature in the original
Dissertation on Virgils Eclogues


French, Latin and German A-Levels - A, B, B
French, Latin, Economics and German AS-Levels - A, A, A, B
Economics AS-Level - A
11 GCSEs - 5 A* and 6 A including A* Latin and German

Recent Tuition

2005.09 - 2006.06 - French tutoring on an individual basis for Year 11 GCSE students at St Marys Ascot. Provided, on average, two 1 hour sessions per week. Focused on two main areas - grammar and oral preparation. For grammar we would focus on typical problem areas, for example, irregular verbs. For oral preparation we would look at A* worthy grammatical constructions, for example, il faut que-+ subjunctive. Examination board was OCR.
2006.09 - 2010.03 - 1 hour per week (during university term time) of English tutoring for an Italian girl named Sophie, aged 7, with little confidence owing to the recent discovery that she was dyslexic. Our sessions were designed, firstly, to boost her confidence at school and, secondly, to encourage her to read more at home. Reading the Narnia books (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe-and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader) we worked on fluency, pronunciation and some spelling.
2010.12 - 2011.04 - 5 months business English tutoring to colleagues and university students in Mumbai. Completed on average 2 hours per week with two students, Hetal and Animesh. Focused on two areas - punctuation (full stops, commas, colons and paragraphs) and internationally used business phrases and expressions.
2013.10 - 2 hour session of Englush History for two Papplewick and Eaton House boys, Kiril and Lyam, aged 7 years old. Eaton House tutee is preparing for 8+. Session held in Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace. Focus was on Queen Victoria, her family, the empire and coronations and ended with drawing and conkers.

Hobbies and Interests
Currently I am working as intern in the PR team of L.K.Bennett. Before that I was in various sales roles in the city and the Indian construction industry. I am now 26 years old.
More generally, I enjoy reading, travel in Europe, History of Art and healthy living, swimming, tennis and going to the gym.

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