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About Me
I am a fully qualified secondary Science teacher with 2 full years of teaching experience in a London academy. My specialist subjects are Biology, Chemistry and Physics to GCSE with a focus on Chemistry post-16, teaching both A-level and IB. I have provided individual, private tuition for the past 5 years at various different levels, specialising in booster sessions leading up to the summer examination period. I also work one-to-one with pupils with special educational needs, focusing on engagement with learning and classroom strategies.

2011-12 Cambridge University, PGCE (Secondary Science - Chemistry)
2008-11 University of Southampton, BSc Chemistry (1st Class)
2005-07 Sevenoaks School, International Baccalaureate: Chemistry HL (7), Biology HL (7), Maths HL (6), Economics SL (7), German SL (6), English SL (6).
2005 Sevenoaks School, GCSE (9A*, 1A)

Recent Tuition

I have completed hundreds of hours of one-to-one or small group tuition with pupils across the 11-18 age range. Below is a selection of past clients, as well as my school based teaching, showing a range of my experience.
SEN ASD: Ongoing bi-weekly one-to-one sessions for Kaden, an 11 year old students with severe ASD who was struggling to cope in mainstream education. We worked on strategies to cope in a secondary school environment and he is now participating in mainstream lessons with ongoing support.
SEN Dyslexia: Josh was struggling through the transition from primary to secondary school due to a lack of confidence - originating from his dyslexia. I worked with him for 30 minutes weekly over the course of Year 7 to boost his confidence and practice strategies for coping with dyslexia. He is now happy in Year 8 and has occasional support.
GCSE Science: Monthly tuition and careers advice. Ben was struggling with school and looked set to fail his GCSEs. I have been working with him on a monthly basis to get his Science and Maths up to C-grade (or above hopefully!) and have been assisting with applications for Engineering and F1 apprenticeships. He will sit the GCSE exams he thought he would never take in June 2014.
GCSE Science: Weekly tuition for two boys, Tyler and Kenneth, who missed 2 days of school a week to train as professional footballers. Both boys were academically bright but were missing half their normal school Science lessons. They have both achieved A*s in the first of their GCSEs, taken a year early.
AS-level Chemistry: Brandon had a lot of support and assistance in examinations for GCSEs and was surprised when the support was withdrawn for AS-level. I have been working with Brandon on exam question practice, exam technique and revision techniques to allow him to maximise his chances in his upcoming examinations.
AS-level Chemistry: Amy was accepted on to the AS-level Chemistry course at her school despite only having a BTEC equivalent at GCSE. She is very bright but had not been exposed to the same level of knowledge as her new classmates. I have been working weekly with her to consolidate any learning from the previous week and prepare her for the following week at school.
AS-level Maths: Alex underachieved in his mock AS-level Maths exam in February. I worked with him over two sessions in the Easter holidays to boost his own revision and also to help with exam technique and key theories. He achieved the A he was predicted.
IB Chemistry: Tom was a boarder at a well-known private school in Kent. His parents felt he was not getting the support he needed to study outside school hours so I tutored him in IB Chemistry over the Easter holidays leading up to his exams. He achieved a 7.
IB Chemistry and Biology: Emma was a hardworking, conscientious students who wasnt quite achieving the grades she was predicted for the IB. I worked over the Easter holidays on exam technique, interpreting questions and key theories in the build up to her exams. She went from a 4 to a 6 in Chemistry and from a 5 to a 7 in Biology.
School teaching: I am currently teaching in a London academy. I teach Science to the full 11-18 age range, specialising in Chemistry in 6th form. My key strengths in the classroom are with vulnerable or lower ability KS3 students and with high achieving and high aspiring KS4 and KS5 students. My Y9 class last year came to me with L2-3 and in one year all achieved their targeted SATs grades (L4-6) and commenced GCSE Science a term early. My current GCSE cohort have just achieved A*s and As across the board in their controlled assessments and my AS level students have all achieved As and Bs in their mock assessed practicals.

Hobbies and Interests
At school I was heavily involved in sport and music and found that this gave me the necessary breaks from academic work, allowing me to work most efficiently and focus when needed. On entering university I continued to play hockey, run and sing and found that my work benefited enormously. I love the freedom of pursuing an interest in my own time. I spend a lot of time running (aiming for a half marathon), swimming, singing, travelling and volunteering in schools overseas. I love being outdoors, socialising and meeting new people. I can also be found practising my baking - and tasting - skills on a rainy afternoon!

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