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About Me
My specialist subjects are Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.
I really enjoy tutoring students and watching them develop their understanding and ability to tackle the problems that initially they found difficult to do. Everyone has their own style and way of learning. My method of tutoring involves a combination of regular encouragement, constructive feedback and most importantly, adopting a teaching style that suits the individual learner and conveys the lesson more effectively. I believe I am well suited to be a tutor as I am very patient, a good listener and enthusiastic about tutoring.
From year 7-13, I studied at The Latymer School, Edmonton. After finishing my secondary school, I continued my education as a Biomedical Sciences student at Kings College London. As part of my second year of study, I participated in a year long exchange programme with the University of Melbourne- an unforgettable experience! Academia has always been of importance to me and I have always striven to achieve my best. I have been awarded a number of prizes, at both school and university, including a prize commending my A Level Chemistry performance and a First Year Prize from Kings College for achieving the highest mark in Physiology. I recently graduated from Kings with first class honours, and am now continuing my studies there as a medical student.

Sept 2013-2018: Kings College London MBBS (ongoing)
Sept 2010- 2013 Kings College London BSc in Biomedical Sciences (First Class)
July 2011- 2012 University Of Melbourne Exchange programme for Biomedical Sciences (First Class)
June 2009-2010 The Latymer School, Edmonton A Levels: Biology (A), Chemistry (A*), Mathematics (A*) and AS Physics (A).
June 2008 The Latymer School, Edmonton GCSE: English literature (A), English Language (A), Mathematics (A*), Geography (A*), Business Studies (A*), Dual Science Award (A*, A*),German (A*), Media studies (A).

Recent Tuition
A-level Chemistry and Biology:

Oscar, an AS student, wanted to focus on improving his exam technique for both chemistry and biology. So during our sessions, we worked on identifying key words in different topics, working on developing his understanding of weaker topics and working on past exam papers. His technique certainly improved, and he scored an A in biology as a result.

A Level Maths:

i) Celine, a Year 13 student, had taken M1 as one of her mathematics module. However she had found physics very difficult and therefore wanted biweekly tuition, lasting the entire year. Together, our regular tutor sessions, meant that I was able to teach her important physics principles and gave her the confidence to do M1. She received a fantastic score of over 90% in the exams.
ii) Sam, a Year 12 student, had very little confidence in his mathematic ability and was worried about failing his maths AS. Therefore, in our sessions, my focus was on firstly, ensuring he had a strong understanding of different mathematic techniques, and secondly, on growing his confidence. Following our sessions, his speed and accuracy certainly showed significant improvements.

GCSE mathematics:

Tom, a Year 10 student, wanted just one month of tutoring to clear up some concepts that he felt unsure with. During our classes, I worked to understand the root of his confusion and then broke down the concept into steps that were easy to understand. He left with a greater understanding of his topic.

11+ exam presentation:

Weekly preparation for 10 year old Rayhan studying for his 11+ exam to The Latymer School and Mill Hill County. Rayhan wanted some classes to boost his confidence for these exams, and wanted to particularly focus on improving his marks in non-verbal reasoning and mathematics. Over the months I worked with him, his speed and accuracy in choosing the correct options improved significantly, and he regularly scored highly in the practice exams.

Swimming coaching:

For 4 years, I was volunteer swimming instructor at Halliwick Penguins. Halliwick Penguins is a charitable organisation that aims to teach swimming to disabled people using the Halliwick Concept. I primarily taught swimming to children with a wide range of disabilities, ranging from autism to physical disabilities. Although individual students had different expectations from our 2 hour sessions, my aim was to improve their confidence in water and to develop the swimming skills.

Hobbies and Interests
I really enjoy being actively involved in my community. At Kings College London, I am a member of the Kings Women Cricket Team and the Kings Dance Society. Recently, I took part in a street dance act for the Kings Diwali show at the Roundhouse in camden. I love playing sports and being active. On days when the weather is lovely, I really enjoy listening to my music and running in the local park. I am also avid Formula one fan, as well as big sporting events such as the Olympics and Wimbledon. Alongside sports, I enjoy keeping up to date with the latest music and play guitar in my spare time.

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