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About Me
I have been providing private tuition for over three years and have worked with a diverse range of children attending leading independent schools. My specialist subjects are Latin, English and Psychology and I also have built up substantial experience with 7+, 8+ and children working towards their 11+ and Common Entrance subjects, Maths and Psychology. On a personal level I believe I possess the necessary qualities to be a productive and effective tutor. I understand the importance of identifying the exact needs and goals of the child, and providing a tailored approach to cater to these. I also recognise the importance of patience and encouragement in order to promote their own personal growth. I have seven brothers and sisters (aged between 18-28), and thus have established excellent communication skills, and feel at ease interacting with children of all ages. Furthermore throughout my degree specific modules focused on child psychology and the way in which children learn to read, write and communicate effectively. I feel that the knowledge I have learnt from this supports my ability to improve a childs own personal development and ensure that they are given the best support possible.

2008-2011 University of Bristol, Experimental Psychology, 2.1 BSc Hons
2002-2007 Sevenoaks School, Kent - Academic Scholar (13+)
International Baccalaureate: Higher Level - Biology (7), Latin (6), English (5). Lower Level - Maths (6), Psychology (7), Art (7). Bonus Points (2) - A in Extended Essay
GCSES (2005): English Literature (A*), English Language (A), Maths (A), Physics (A*), Chemistry (A*), Biology(A*), German (A*), Latin (A*), Art (A*)
GCSE (2004): French (A*)

Recent Tuition
I have completed over 350 hours of one-to-one tuition with pupils of diverse ages, needs and abilities. What follows is a selection of past clients, representative of my experience.

11+: With the aim of preparing this young girl for her 11+ in several years I have provided weekly tuition for the last two years in all subjects: Maths, English, French, Geography, History and Science. She currently attends Hill House International Junior School in London and is hoping to secure a place at the leading London girls schools such as St Pauls and City of London for Girls.
GCSE Art: Worked with a 16 yr. old girl for over a year assisting her with her sketch book predominantly, and both coursework and examination modules. My aim was to improve her confidence and help her transform concepts in her head into the physical form. She has significantly improved and has chosen to take this subject for her A Levels.
Psychology Personal Statement: Tasked with assisting a student improving his personal statement in order to secure a place at a top university, specifically focusing on the top London universities.
7+: On-going tuition in Maths for seven-year-old Ruby to prepare her for the upcoming Bute House entrance examination in January 2014. Ruby, who currently attends Garden House School, has already showed significant improvements in basic mathematical skills such as multiplication and the concept of time.
IB Biology: Assisted a girl with her Biology coursework. She found the teacher had given her little direction and structure was an area that needed to be focused on.
Homeschooling: Home schooling for one term for three children aged 8, 13 and 15 year olds who had moved temporarily from America. The objectives of the youngest child, Sara, were to focus on Maths and English and keep in line with the American curriculum. Tutored the thirteen-year-old boy Michael Maths, English and Science and he achieved an A grade average for the term. Tutored the fifteen-year-old boy Matthew Maths, English and Science, keeping up to date with a range of weekly assignments and projects. Matthew achieved an A grade average for the term.
11+: Weekly preparation for 11+ for ten-year-old Bo, with specific focus on Latin following her successful entrance into Downe House. Her Latin dramatically improved, and a range of topics were covered from verb conjugation, tenses and vocabulary.
11+: Two week placement for nine-year-old Lila in in Maths, English, Sciences and Verbal Non Verbal Reasoning before she recommences international school in Singapore. This tuition was carried out in preparation for 11+ examinations and assessing which schools in England may be suitable.
11+: Intensive week revision course for ten-year-old Stamfie who attends Horris Hill Prep School in Berkshire. The targets for this placement were to boost confidence and improve maths ability in preparation for his examinations in the summer. Stamfie showed susbtantial improvement, specifically with regard to multiplication and mental arithmetic.
13+ Common Entrance: Two year weekly tuition for twelve-year-old Joe studying for 13+ Common Entrance. Predominantly focused on Latin, all Sciences, History and Religious Studies. Joe successfully gained a place at Dulwich College. The boy who had recently failed his Latin mock improved dramatically, and achieved and A and B+ in respective examinations. Joe also saw a remarkable improvement in his Science results, achieving over 80% in Biology, Physics and Chemistry having previously averaged 55% in all three.
13+ Common Entrance: Short term intensive maths placement for twelve-year-old Nadya in preparation for pre-tests at Beneden School and Wycombe Abbey.
GCSE: Intensive weekly revision course for Christophe tutoring history for his impending GCSE examination at Blythe Hall School.
GCSE: Intensive week revision course for fifteen-year-old boy tutoring German for his impending GCSE examination. Specifically focused on improving his German oral technique.
AS Level: Intensive week revision course for upcoming Maths examination for sixteen-year-old girl.
AS Level: Short term weekly tuition for 16-year-old girl tutoring psychology, who attends Haberdashers-Askes. We covered the topics of Research Methods and Abnormal Psychology, in preparation for mock examinations.
IB: Short term intensive placements for range of individuals needing assistance in English, Psychology and advice on Extended Essay.
University Level: Mentored undergraduates studying Psychology at the University of Bristol who were in first year and needed advice/help re essay writing skills etc.

Hobbies and Interests
I would consider myself to be an outgoing and confident person, who enjoys spending time with both family and friends. Throughout school and university I have volunteered for a range of both local and international projects, and am now looking forward to volunteering with children in London. I am passionate about traveling, and exploring different cultures around the world, specifically South East Asia. I am also very creative, and interested in the Arts, and throughly enjoy visiting art galleries and exhibitions in London and beyond. I play range of team sports recreationally from hockey to netball, and like to cycle, swim, or even just get outside and get some fresh air!

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