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History of Art

About Me
My specialist subjects are History of Art and English. My passion for art, culture and literature has directed my studies, my hobbies and even my career to date. My ability to ascertain exactly what excites and interests my pupils makes me a good tutor. I like to add a little bit of magic to my tutorials, whether this is in the form of visiting museums and galleries or initiating specific activities which appeal to particular pupils, it results in pupils feeling inspired and genuinely involved in the subject.

2008-2012 - University of Bristol

- BA (Hons.) History of Art with Study Abroad: 2.1 (1st class dissertation)

- Foreign languages: Italian - student at the British Institute, Florence, Italy - 1st class
- Fine Art: student at Charles Cecil Studios, Florence, Italy - 1st class
- Cookery: Prue Leiths Cookery Course
2006-2007 - Wellington College (Sixth Form Scholarship)

- A2 LEVEL: 3 A grades

2002-2006 - St Marys School, Wantage (Full Academic Scholarship - awarded when aged 13)

- AS LEVEL: 5 A grades
- GCSE: 7 A* grades (including Maths, English and Science) + 3 A grades

Recent Tuition

I worked as a tutor for AHA Ltd., when living in Florence, Italy (2010-2011). This involved delivering on-site tutorials to American Clients, including undergraduate Art Historians. I prepared the content of tutorials, planned the tour and booked all destinations.
I worked as a tutor for a private family, again when living in Florence (2010-2011). This involved teaching English as a foreign language to two Italian boys (aged 6 and 13).
I worked as a Teachers assistant at Pippa Pop-Ins Nursery School in Fulham, London (part time, from 2005 - 2009). This involved teaching English, Maths, French and Art. I was involved in conducting the schools sport days and extra-curriculum clubs such as Cookery.

Hobbies and Interests
In my spare time I enjoy writing and illustrating childrens books, designing and creating clothing and also painting. I absolutely adore travelling and discovering new cultures and ways of life. I also enjoy skiing, sailing and riding!

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