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About Me
My specialist subjects are economics and philosophy
I also teach mathematics, English, religious studies, and politics. I have extensive experience of tutoring and have success stories in all of these areas. My approach is always carefully tailored to the needs of the tutee and I take care to make a good judgment of what these are.

PhD Politics (University of Exeter)
MPhil Politics (University of Oxford)
BA Politics, Philosophy and Economics (University of York)
*** I am an approved SLT Senior Tutor. Please note my Senior Tutor rate. ***

Recent Tuition
This year I am taking up a position as Course Tutor at Imperial College London. This involves lecturing to undergraduate science students at the university on politics and philosophy. Before this, was a Lecturer in Politics at the University of Exeter, teaching ethics and political philosophy.
I have completed several hundred hours of private tuition. Some examples of my experience are these:
11+ Maths and English:

I tutored Kate for her entry exam to St Pauls Girls School on a weekly basis over a period of three months. She was a strong and enthusiastic student before I began. My input involved structuring her work more effectively towards the exam -ensuring that her weekly tasks were on track,and encouraging her sense of competitiveness to work in her favour. She particularly enjoyed creating new revision games and exercises. She performed strongly in the exam.

Year 9 History:

I gave general Key Stage 3 lessons to Henry on a fortnightly basis over a period of 18 months. We focused on his weaknesses, which were mostly in mathematics. When I began he was behind in the subject, and would conceal this where possible. With my help he gained confidence and advanced through the sets at his school. He is now planning to studyFurther Maths at A Level.

Year 9 English, Maths and Study Skills:

Leanne received weekly classes from me in Key Stage 3 over a period of a year. Under my guidance her self-organisation greatly improved, and she was also promoted in her sets in school in mathematics and English. Most significantly, her reading advanced a great deal, and an important part my tutoring involved discussing and arguing about what shed read that week, or reading sections of her book aloud, or completing a set written exercise related to her own reading.

GCSE English and Maths:

Joshua was a strong and ambitious student beginning GCSEs.I tutored him fortnightly for an extended period. He improved in English, his weaker subject, through the essay exercises I set him. His mathematics advanced yet further: recognising his capability in the subject, and the danger that he would be bored by the GCSE questions, I introduced him early on to some of the basic questions on the A Level syllabus -this further increased his confidence.

AS Economics:

I tutored Harry over four two hour sessions in one week. He was far behind for his AS Level microeconomics exam. We covered the material rapidly: following the syllabus, I set exercises that checked his understanding during the classes, and gave him work to complete in his own time at the end of each class. He responded particularly well to mind maps, andunder my guidance he constructed a series of these which served as his revision aids.

Hobbies and Interests
My hobbies are running long distances (currently around Londons parks and canals) and rock climbing (most often at the Castle in Stoke Newington).

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