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About Me
Being a Neuroscience student, I take keen interest in Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. I enjoy teaching Chemistry and Mathematics in particular, with awareness for all examination board specifications. My experience of tutoring began with my tutoring helper position during A-level study, where I helped my fellow students to understand various areas in Chemistry and Mathematics. I realized my potential to understand and breakdown the entire problem, and explain in logical steps. Through these skills I have been motivated to teach with the best of my ability.

My experience as an Arabic teacher at local community center allowed me to develop an important skill - to find different methods to teach a subject. I used visual, acoustic and kinetic methods of teaching in order to ensure success in teaching. My motto in teaching is that any subject can be taught if the students-learning method is understood. Hence a student can be empowered as they realize their skill of learning, leading to confidence and love for learning. During my study, I experiment these methods of learning in order to optimize my learning ability.

I believe a successful tutoring session necessitates exchange of ideas and understanding between student and teacher. This allows the teacher to understand the student and therefore enables them to scaffold their learning. Hence I make the tutoring sessions fun, fascinating and interesting for student. The topic "methods of learning" is of particular interest to me and hence I try to develop my understanding by reading works from Vygotsky and Piaget.

During my teaching experience, I have realized that each student is unique and so I tailor the lesson to suit the students needs and method of learning. I also believe in teaching through the use of examples, allowing student to understand a problem from practical and tangible experience.
My motivation and enthusiasm for science, maths and logic will enable me to teach with the best of my ability.

Sept 2009 - 2012: Kings College London, BSc in Neuroscience
Sept 2007 - 2009: Alperton Community School: Chemistry (A), Mathematics (A) and Biology (B)
Sept 2005 - 2007 Alperton Community School: Mathematics (A), English (AB), Science (AA), Statistics (A), Geography (A), Sociology (B), ICT(BB)

Recent Tuition
Tutoring helper for my fellow students in School in teaching Chemistry and Mathematics during A-level. All of them achieved grade B or more during their final exams.
Arabic (Level 2): I taught a class 14 students, 79% of the students achieved 80% or above during their final examinations.

Hobbies and Interests
I enjoy reading. I have read a range of books:fiction and non-fiction. My latest fascination are the books by the author Oliver Sacks.
Foods from various different cultures fascinate me. I regularly learn new recipes to taste new types of food. My latest success is to make pizza dough with desired softness and crispiness. My background as an Indian allows me incooperate species into various recipes to introduce a special touch. I am inspired and amazed by the work of Ferran Adria, who uses science to develop new and innovative methods of cooking. The use of chemistry to make food is fascinating!
My love for creativity allows me to do Henna (delicate hand painting). I use this skill to fundraise in charity events, allowing me to help those in need.
I volunteered as a translator for Hindi and Gujarati speaking parents during my teaching at local community center. Learning languages fascinates me. I fluently speak, read and write Gujarati and Hindi.

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