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English Literature

About Me
My specialist subjects are Politics, History and Religious Studies but I also teach English, Drama and Study Skills. I have a great passion for helping students to make the most of their abilities and to achieve their very best. I make sure that all my sessions follow a plan of continuity and progression, with each building on the last. Its exciting to see students engaging with a subject, and I really enjoy helping that engagement to develop.

2010-13 London School of Economics (LSE) BSc Government 2:1
2008-2010 Peter Symonds College, Hampshire - A-levels: Government and Politics (A*), History (A*) and Religious Studies (A)
2003-2008 Perins School, Hampshire - GCSEs: English Literature, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, History, Religious Studies, Drama (A*), French, Maths, English Language (A)
AS-Level: English Literature and Language (A)

Recent Tuition

AS Politics - I have been working with two AS Politics students (OCR and Edexcel exam boards) to support them in content and exam technique.
GCSE and AS Level Study Skills - l, to help them with their on-going study skills, ultimately working towards summer exams. With my AS Level student we are concentrating on Humanities and the many overlapping skills that can help a student be successful in these subjects. With my GCSE student we are working to bring his grades up in preparation for higher education.
A - Level Government and Politics - Year 13. We have occasional face to face sessions but are working mostly over Skype because the student does not live in London.
A-Level Philosophy and Ethics - Through regular sessions and a mixture of lesson recaps, teaching and revision we worked to bring the students grades up from a C to a B and an A.
SEN Homework support - Working with two teenage boys who have dyslexia, providing general homework support in all subject areas. Our focus was on find techniques and exercises that the students really engaged with and helped them to remember and verbalise what they were learning.

Hobbies and Interests
I am a keen amateur actor and writer, and have had a few short stories and poems published. One of my proudest moments was performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I also enjoy kayaking and sailing when time, and weather, allows for it!

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