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About Me
My specialist subjects are English Language and English Literature. I also teach Academic writing and Classical Civilisation. I am supportive and enthusiastic, listening to my students needs and concerns, and adapting learning techniques to support them.

I am passionate about the teaching of world literature in English, through written and performance texts, and delight in working with students of all ages, from primary school to university. I have extensive experience and a proven record since 2007 of helping students to achieve their potential, particularly in GCSE, IB and A level examinations, and in undergraduate and postgraduate academic writing. I specialise in Skype online tuition . I teach students in the UK and currently also have students in China, the Czech Republic, the UAE and the Netherlands.

When I work with a student, I search for a tailor-made approach to help increase their self-esteem and confidence, recognising that each student is unique and that we learn in different ways. This enhances the learning a student already receives in the classroom.

The study of texts offers student and tutor alike not only an opportunity to develop communication one with another, but also insight into the life experiences of others, both in past generations and the wider world today. I aim to make my sessions with students enjoyable and a partnership of learning,

All my students to date have achieved higher than their predicted grades at GCSE, A level, IB and university level, and I have many excellent references available. Top marks have also been achieved by my 11+, 13+ and Common Entrance students and by university students in their academic writing.

Sept 2015 SOAS, The University of London, MA Postcolonial Studies
Sept 1993 - June 1996, The University of Reading, BA (Joint Hons) First Class, English Literature Classical Studies.

Recent Tuition
11+, 13+, 16+, Common Entrance examination preparation - recent students

Summer 2013: I worked with Anna (Year 5) preparing her for the English section of the 11+ examination paper, which she sat in September 2013, achieving 78 marks out of a possible total of 80 in her English paper. Anna has secured a place at Wycombe High School (a selective girls-grammar school).
2014 - present day: I am working with Zack (Year 5) to prepare him for Harrow and Radley College entrance exams.
2014 - present day: I am working with Jacob (Year 5) to prepare him for a selection of Grammar School and Independent School entrance exams (London and Home Counties) in academic year 2014-2015.
2014 - I am working with Mariam (Year 5, Repton School, Dubai) preparing her for entrance examinations to Cheltenham Ladies College and North London Collegiate.

KS3 English Language:

2013: I worked with Mollie (Year 8, Stover School), who needed the added support of a personal tutor to develop her self-confidence in class. As with many other students that I have taught, we worked on the basics of English language, i.e. improving grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary, punctuation and spelling, and with English literature texts. Mollie is now able to work confidently in a classroom situation.

AQA GCSE English Language English Literature:

2007 - 2011 (Years 7 -11): I worked on a weekly basis with Nick to develop his English skills and increase his powers of concentration. This resulted in Grade As in both his GCSE English Language English Literature 2011 exams.
2009 - 2012: I worked with Angus, (Year 9, Sir William Borlases Grammar School, Marlow) with his GCSE English Language and English Literature studies. Angus gained As in both his GCSE English Language and English Literature 2012 exams.
2010 - 2012: I tutored Freddie helping him to grow in confidence and develop a deeper appreciation of texts, written and performance. He achieved A grades in his both GCSE English Language and Literature 2012 exams.
2012 - 2013: I worked with James (Sir William Borlases Grammar School, Marlow). His mother engaged me because James-results for a controlled assessment and essays had been disappointing, and failed to reflect his intellectual potential. During our time together, James demonstrated an excellent in-depth understanding of the texts with which we worked, but needed help in essay structure and presenting his ideas in a concise and precise way. James achieved A* grades in both his GCSE English Language and English Literature exams in 2013.
2010 - 2013: I tutored Noah (Altwood School, Maidenhead) helping him to focus on the tasks set, extending his vocabulary, working on essay structure and developing his inter-textual analysis. Leading up to the exams, we worked on improving his exam technique. Noah achieved A grades in both his English Language and English Literature exams in 2013.
April - June 2012: I tutored Cameron (Sir William Borlases Grammar School, Marlow), in the lead up to his GCSE English Language and Literature exams. Cameron gained A grades in his GCSE English Language and English Literature exams in 2012.
2009 - 2014 (Years 7 -11): I worked on a weekly basis with Stan (Great Marlow School, Marlow) to develop his English Language and Literature writing and reading skills, and to increase his powers of concentration. We are waiting for his exam results.

Edexcel GCSE English Language and English Literature:

April - June 2012: I tutored George (Barnstaple, Devon). He was re-taking his English Language exam, as he had received a C grade for his January 2012 paper. In his Summer 2012 examinations, he achieved A* grades in both English papers, much to his delight and that of his parents.

Cambridge iGCSE English Language and English Literature:

October 2013 - June 2014: I worked with James, a student who lives in rural Gloucestershire. James re-took his iGCSE English Language exam in December and gained an A* (his previous attempt had resulted in a B). James and his parents were delighted with the outcome, and I continued to work with James on his iGCSE English Literature exam preparation until his June 2014 exam.
2014 Easter holidays: I tutored Charlie in preparation for his English Literature iGCSE exams in Summer 2014. Results due in August 2014.

GCSE OCR English Language and Literature:

May - June 2014: I tutored Joy (Claires Court, Maidenhead) in preparation for her GCSE exams. We concentrated on exam technique and essay structure. Results due in August 2014
May - June 2014: having previously tutored his brother and stepbrother, I tutored Ollie (Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe) in preparation for his GCSE English Language and English Literature exams. We concentrated on improving essay structure and time management. Results due in August 2014.
Summer 2014 - present day: I am currently working with Jessie (Year 10, Wycombe Abbey) supporting her with GCSE English Language and Literature studies, in preparation for her exams in Summer 2015. Skype sessions are focused on increasing her self-confidence, creative writing and analytical skills, whilst general support is being given to all other study areas.

GCSE AQA Classical Civilisation:

Summer 2014 - present day: I am teaching Suzy (Year 9) the AQA Classical Civilisation syllabus as an extra curricular subject. She will be taking this exam in 2015.

A-level English Literature (WJEC):

2010 - 2011: I tutored Henry (Year13, Bradfield College). He was predicted a B grade in A-level English Literature and achieved an A*. We focused on improving his academic writing skills, enabling him to develop a more precise and concise approach to his essay writing and exam technique. This enabled him to take up a place at Nottingham University to study Architecture.

Edexcel GCE A- level English Language and Literature:

2012-2014, I tutored Freddie (Henley College) supporting him with his academic writing, exam preparation and inter-textual analysis. Freddie took his exams in June 2014.

AQA A-level English Literature:

November 2013 - June 2014: I tutored Issie (Kings School, Taunton) and helped her with her essay structure, textual analysis, critical comparison of texts academic writing skills and exam preparation. Issie took her exam in June 2014.
September 2013 - June 2014: I tutored Jayhem, a Year 13 A- level English Literature student. We worked on essay structure and analysis for the three texts he studied under the theme of Dystopia (Orwell 1984, Atwood The Handmaids Tail and Angela Carter The Bloody Chamber). We also worked on exam preparation and essay techniques. Jay took his exams in June 2014.
January 2014 - present day: I am working with Rhea, who re-took her AS exam in June 2014. We are now working towards her final A-level exam next summer (2015) and Year 13 studies.

IB English:

2013 - 2014: I worked with Saatchi (British International School, Delhi). Tuition took place via Skype, telephone and email, and this has proved to be an effective way to teach. The focus of the tuition was on strengthening Saatchis analytical skills and academic writing.

IB English and History:

2013 - 2014: I supported Laura (a student at an independent school in Leicester) with her IB studies in History and English. Online tuition took place over Skype/Webcam and with the support of email. Laura did well in her IB and has secured a place at Nottingham University to study medicine.

UCAS Statements: I have supported students with the writing of their UCAS Personal Statements. Examples are: Bath University (Social Policy)

Sussex University (International Relations)
Durham University (Mechanical Engineering): Imperial College (Mechanical Engineering)
Bournemouth (Psychology)
UCL (Medicine).
Academic writing -Undergraduate BA/BSc
I have worked with students studying: BSc Psychology (Bournemouth University -graduated with a First 2014)
BA Social Policy (Bath University)
BA Education (Bath Spa)
BA International Relations (Sussex University
graduated with a First 2014)
BA Business Studies (Bournemouth University)
BA Nursing (Southampton).
Postgraduate MSc - I am currently supporting two MSc students with their academic writing. The disciplines are MSc Child Psychotherapy
MSc in Social Policy (LSE). I have also worked with an MSc student (Birbeck) who is completing her course in Arts Education.
I have worked with many other students with similar successful outcomes.

Hobbies and Interests
I am completing my MA in Postcolonial Studies at SOAS, London University and currently writing a critical paper on literature and museology in the new nation of South Africa. This has involved travel and research in the Western Cape. I like to be challenged by new ideas and concepts, and stimulated by other peoples view of the world. The MA is multi-disciplinary and multi media.
I am a member of the Management Committee of ExCite Poetry, the Devon Stanza group of the UK Poetry Society, We work together to stage the annual Exeter Poetry Festival and many other events, which promote opportunities for the enjoyment of poetry in the south-west. My remit is to build partnerships within the education sector to bring poetry alive both in the classroom and the wider community. I also write poetry.
I enjoy running and have completed half marathons. I like hiking, particularly on Exmoor and Dartmoor, and along the coastline.
I am passionate about the natural environment and how we can work together to protect this for future generations.

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