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About Me
My specialist subjects are biology and geography.

I have taught part of a unit on coastal and marine planning and management at university level in Australia for the past five years. I have a passion for helping others to understand the world around them, and my first-rate communication and interpersonal skills help me to communicate complex issues simply.

I have a long history of working with children. I first started teaching as a volunteer when I was a teenager, teaching physically and mentally disabled youth how to swim.

I then became a lifeguard and aquatics program leader and also a coastal and marine educator when I was an undergraduate studying Environmental Science.

I have worked professionally within the environment and sustainable development sector for the past ten years, so I bring a valuable real-world perspective to my work. I currently specialise in climate change. I have been a manager, supervisor, and mentor, and at my last post with the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Thailand, I developed and delivered a education workshop on climate change for our staff and partners in four countries.

What makes me a good tutor is that I am friendly and connect easily with a diverse range of people. Im patient and a good listener, highly organised, and dedicated to helping my students improve, excel and achieve their goals. Having recently been a student myself studying philosophy and public policy at Masters level at the London School of Economics and Political Science, Im able to empathise with the pressures and challenges of student life.

Although I have predominantly completed my schooling in Australia, I am familiar with the British educational system, and due to our common heritage, it shares many similarities with the Australian system, including curriculum content.

Masters of Science (Philosophy and Public Policy)
London School of Economics and Political Science

Results TBA, but I was averaging a distinction/first in my formative coursework.

Bachelor of Environmental Science

Deakin University, Australia
First Class Honours

Bachelor of Science

Monash University, Australia
Distinction/first average
Majors in biological sciences and geography.

Victorian Certificate of Education

Fairhills High School, Knoxfield, Victoria, Australia
98.4 (out of possible 99.95) = top 1.5%
I took both biology and geography during my final two years of school.

I have also held a number of scholarships, including a Deans Scholarship for Science at Monash University, and I gained an internship with the Victorian Government out of high school to support my university studies. In 2011/12 I was an Australian Youth Ambassador for Development in SE Asia.
* I am happy to provide my academic transcripts to those interested.

Recent Tuition
I am relatively new private academic tutor. However, I have previously lectured and taught third year university students at Deakin University in Australia in coastal planning, management and governance. My students enjoyed my classes and the course leader has invited me back to teach for the past five years in a row.
I have also been a successful manager, supervisor and mentor as a working professional. For my leadership and popularity as the head lifeguard in charge of a team of lifeguards in Australia, I was nominated for lifeguard of the year at state-level, and was runner-up. In 2010 I received the Executive Directors Award from my former employers, the Department of Sustainability and Environment, for the diplomatic way in which I worked with internal and external stakeholders on a sensitive legislative review process.

Hobbies and Interests
I love the outdoors, so Im always out and about in nature, mostly hiking and riding my bike. I try to spend a lot of time exploring Londons green spaces.
I love to explore different cultures and have been lucky enough to travel and work in a number of different countries, especially in Asia.
I also like reading. I read mostly academic texts and non-fiction, but enjoy relaxing with fiction when I get the chance.

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