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About Me
My specialist subjects are Biology and Chemistry which I teach up to Advanced level, I also teach Maths and Physics up to GCSE level. In addition, I teach Common Entrance core subjects and prepare students for their 11+ and 13+ examinations.

I am well equipped with thorough knowledge of my subject areas, due to many years of study of biological and chemical sciences. I am experienced in supporting students from a range of different backgrounds and age groups -both SEN and non-SEN students, students as young as 11 all the way through to adults and either on an individual basis or as a group.

My teaching is kept up to date with specific board requirements and any changes that take place in the specifications -my past and current students have required support in the EDEXCEL, AQA and OCR boards.

I have prepared students for GCSE and A level examinations and to sit the 11+ in order to gain a places at well established Grammar schools including Herschel Grammar School and Tiffins Girls School. I have also helped secure places for some of my A level students that needed to achieve the grade A results in Biology and Chemistry to study at well known institutes such as the renowned Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry.

As a tutor I am very approachable and interested in the students ideas and opinions in regards to what is being discussed. I aim to build trust and respect between myself and my students as I believe this is the foundation for a successful course of tuition where the student achieves the results he or she desires.

I enjoy tutoring and hope to continue to provide students with the knowledge, confidence and work ethic they need in order to do well in academia and to pursue successful careers in their chosen fields.

Sept 2010- 2011: The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

MSc Medical Parasitology (Tropical disease immunology and diagnosis)

Sept 2008-2009: Royal Holloway, University of London

MSc Environmental science

Sept 2003-2007: Royal Holloway, University of London

BSc Biochemistry

Sept 2001-2003 Ealing Independent College, A levels in :

Biology (A grade)
Chemistry (B grade)
English literature (B grade)

Recent Tuition
GCSE homeschooling for Maths, English and Biology: Ava received two hours of maths and an hour of english followed by an hour of biology on a weekly basis. Ava had struggled with maths in particular at school and found that her understanding of mathematical concepts and problem solving skills flourished while being homeschooled.

11+: Navpreet received tuition three times a week for two months in order to prepare her for the examination. She passed and earned a place at Tiffins Girls-School, the school of her and her parents choice.
11+: Kayode suffered from a lack of confidence in his ability to pass the exam, with English being his second language. He received tuition four times a week over a period of six weeks and his confidence quickly grew in his ability to interpret and answer questions. Kayode passed the exam and has just completed his first year at Langley Grammar school.
Common Entrance level science: Oscar needs support with his science because knowledge has significant gaps. I am building up his knowledge and going through worksheets and exam style questions on a weekly basis. I am confident he will achieve level 6 in his exam as he is completes all work I set for him on time and shows great dedication to his studies.
GCSE Maths (2013-present): Homeschooling for Bella who is preparing for final GCSE exams in June 2014. We are completing an accelerated course because Bella missed several months of school in Year 10 and at the beginning of Year 11.
GCSE Maths (2014) Home schooling twice a week with Ava who was preparing for her final GCSE exams in Maths and science. I also covered English with Ava towards the end.
GCSE Maths, EDEXCEL (2011-2012): Chloe needed at least a B grade to study Maths at Advanced level, she is a very capable student and achieved a well deserved A grade in GCSE Maths after working closely with me for two terms. Chloe went on to study Advanced levels in Maths, History, Economics and French.
GCSE Sciences and Maths, AQA (2012-present): Shalieka had lost confidence in her abilities and had been finding Maths, Physics and Chemistry particularly difficult. After working intensively for a year with her, she regained her confidence and had no problem tackling questions on the subjects that she had once avoided. She achieved B grades in Biology and Maths and a C grade in Chemistry and Physics in her first year of the GCSE course. She will be starting her second year in September and is looking forward to working with me again.
GCSE Sciences, AQA (2011-present): I have worked with Jasveet throughout her GCSEs and she has achieved A grades in all three sciences in her June 2013 exams. She has now earned a place at Beaconsfield (Grammar) School sixth form where she will study Advanced levels -I will continue to support her in the Advanced level Biology and Chemistry courses.
GCSE Sciences, AQA (2012-present): Prabjit had previously struggled to perform to the best of her ability in exams, even when she possessed a good level of subject knowledge her test scores did not show this. During my lessons with her we concentrated on exam technique and studied many practice papers, as well as covering the course material itself. Prabjit achieved a B grade in Chemistry and Biology and a C grade in Physics in her June 2013 exams.
GCSE Biology and Chemistry, EDEXCEL (2012-present): I started working with Diljyot half way through her second year of the GCSE course -she was repeating several modules from the previous year alongside studying for her second year modules. After four weeks of working with Diljyot, her study habits changed drastically -we created a study timetable and she followed a strict regime of daily study and weekly tests. Overall Diljyot achieved a B in Biology and a C in Chemistry. She is very pleased to have achieved the grade needed to study Biology at A level
AS Biology, OCR (2013): George is aiming to gain a C grade in AS level Biology, we have worked intensively for two months prior to his exam. George had decided to study his Advanced level courses at college rather than at his schools-sixth form, his approach to work however, needed addressing -the independent study associated with college was not being matched with the high level of organisation and motivation required in such an environment. George was placed on a strict regime and his progress was monitored by weekly tests, more importantly, George began to recognise the level of work required to achieve his desired Biology grade. He showed major improvements over the weeks spent tutoring him. George managed to achieve the C grade he aimed for.
AS Biology, EDEXCEL (2011-2012): Adil wanted to study Biology up to AS level only, he was repeating the course and wanted to bring the E grade he had received previously up to a grade C. Adil needed to improve his understanding of the material and to study the topics in greater depth and in doing so he achieved his desired AS Biology grade.
AS Biology and Chemistry, EDEXCEL (2012-present): Sienna is aiming to study a degree in Medicine and is fully aware of the work required to gain entry into medical school -she achieved A grades in her January exams and is now awaiting the results from her June exams. I focused heavily on building up her confidence because although Sienna was achieving the results she wanted, she was unsure of her ability to perform well in exams. Her confidence greatly improved, especially after seeing her January exam results and the results of her June exams did not disappoint as Sienna achieved A grades for both subjects.
AS Chemistry, OCR (2013): Rishi felt that he was not fully understanding the material covered in school. I supported him from March to June
I have followed the OCR specification closely and we have covered all of the AS Chemistry Unit 2 topics. Rishi achieved a grade B in his Unit 2 exam and an overall B in AS Chemistry.
A2 Biology, OCR (2010): Surita required the support of a personal tutor during her A2 Biology studies to ensure that she would achieve the A grade she aimed for. Surita found the metabolism and respiration topics most difficult, so we concentrated heavily on them until I felt she could tackle any question relating to these areas of Biology. Surita, after achieving an A grade in Biology, went on to study Dentistry at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry.
A2 Biology and Chemistry, EDEXCEL (2010-2011): Lavinia was not particularly fond of Chemistry when I started working with her -she had received a low grade C at AS level. After several weeks of tuition, Lavinia had begun to understand the subject more and even began to enjoy what many students find to be the most challenging part of the course, the organic chemistry section. I tutored Lavinia twice a week for 8 months, she achieved an A in Biology and an overall B in Chemistry (after achieving a A grade in her A2 Chemistry). Lavinia went on to study Psychology at the University of Leicester.
Advanced level and first year degree level biology (2012): Lisa had just started the first year of her degree in nursing and wanted to improve her background knowledge of human biology. I tutored Lisa on relevant topics such as immunology and the human circulatory system -the level of biology being taught was that of Advanced level and of first year biological sciences degree level. Sarah has passed her first year and looks forward to a promising career as a nurse.
SEN dyslexia (2013): Maths is a subject that Hudah had always avoided. In school she was in the set 6 class (the lowest set) and after my first session with her, I could see that she was far more capable than she realised. I worked with Hudah for six months -s performances in end of unit tests and in her mock exam had vastly improved and it was agreed that she be moved up to set 3. Hudah was very pleased with the result of her June 2013 exam sitting as she achieved her goal and earned a grade C in Maths.
SEN dyslexia (2013): Delwyn has struggled with the sciences and failed to achieve a C grade in his first year of GCSE. I began supporting him during his second year of the GCSE course and can see that he has really benefited from having one-to-one tuition. I have encouraged him to organize his work and time, as this is crucial when it comes to exam success, while regularly checking that he had adhered to my advice. His cerebral palsy meant that Delwyn preferred more verbally oriented lessons, so lessons were tailored to include alternative methods of teaching, should Delwyn become tired of writing-it was more essential that he understood the material, as he would have someone to scribe for him in the exam anyway. Maths is Delwyns strongest subject so we were expect nothing lower than a B grade for the June exam sitting. Delwyn managed to achieved a C in Physics and Biology, a D in Chemistry and a well-deserved B grade in Maths.
SEN dyslexia (2013): Natalia is a bright student but her teachers had concerns that she was not pushing herself enough -s work ethic improved -s June exam sitting were A in Biology and B grades for the other sciences

Hobbies and Interests
I have many creative pursuits such as wildlife photography and painting.
I also enjoy playing the violin and practicing yoga.

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