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About Me
Feedback from parents and work colleagues highlights my gentle and kind approach as a teacher. I believe it is imperative to establish a firm and fair relationship from the beginning. My Degree is in Montessori Education qualifies me to teach children up to 12 years old. In a Montessori/primary school setting there is a 10:1 child:teacher ratio. The teacher works in small groups or with individual children, enabling me to identify and nurture each childs unique learning needs. In a Montessori/Primary school setting we follow the National Curriculum and map it Montessori materials. This results in our classroom being set up with specially designed resources for language, maths, geometry and culture. These materials help to foster independence and a love of learning from a young age. Children are taught with concrete materials, designed to give the child a hands on kinaesthetic learning experience. The Montessori approach is holistic, it aims to develop the whole child. As a teacher and a tutor creating a happy learning environment is vital to to promote self motivated learning . My training and experience has taught me strategies that enable me to help each child to form a positive image of themselves. Confidence and happiness are key to ensuring that a child will want to work to the best of their ability. I am enthusiastic and passionate about teaching and provide children with the creative and engaging lessons. During my lessons I strive to give every child the opportunity to succeed and feel confident about their learning.

2.1 B.A Hons in Childhood Studies - Greenwich University
B.A Ed. in Montessori Education - St. Nicholas Montessori College Ireland
CELTA Certificate - (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

Recent Tuition

The last 2 years I have been working as a Montessori/Primary teacher in an Independent Primary School in Islington. I have been teaching Keystage 1, each class has two teachers, each teacher has 10 key children. This ratio allowed me to work closely with each child and each day I would give small group lessons or individual lessons. Therefore, I feel I am well equipped and experienced for one to one tutoring. During my literacy and numeracy lessons I would closely observe and question my pupils, using my observation notes I could identify what children need support after the lesson. I would prepare follow up activities and games to deepen their understanding and reinforce objective of the lesson. This approach prevented children from having gaps in their learning and falling behind in their work. Part of the Montessori philosophy is to follow the child. This gives the teacher a unique opportunity to work with and support each child before moving onto the next topic. This type of experience meant a lot of my pupils received one to one support after various literacy and numeracy lesson.
Two of my children have had specific learning needs, one was Dyslexic and the other was Dyspraxic. They both progressed hugely over the academic year and grew into confident able learners. The support they received from me, the SENCO and outside support enabled them to work to their full potential and find their strengths.
I had a good introduction session with a Dypraxic KS2 boy. We began with getting to know you ice-breaker questions. This was followed by a literacy lesson. We used Smart Learning Coaching cards, these cards help to exercise both the left side and the right side of the brain. Before we started the reading the book I held up a picture from the story, Adam had to study this picture for a minute. Then I put the picture face down and we used the coaching cards to describe what he thought was happening in the picture using his senses. He predicted what he thought the dilemma coule be. He read part of the story and wrote down the important parts of the story. Mini lesson on the verb and underlining verbs in his writing.

Hobbies and Interests
I am an active person -enjoy playing squash, swimming and love photography. I have recently started guitar lessons as I also have a love for various genres of music. I have a love for books and documentaries because I believe learning is a life long process.

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