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About Me
My specialist subjects are Politics and History, and I also teach International Relations, Russian Language and English as a Foreign Language. I am highly experienced as a tutor and committed to developing students confidence in their own abilities. I am also a fluent speaker of Russian and am accustomed to working with Russian clients and with children and teenagers aged from 7 to 15.

PhD (Politics) - University of Glasgow (2013)
MRes (Politics) - University of Glasgow (2009)
MA (Politics) - University College London (2004)
BA (Russian and History) - University of Edinburgh (2003)
A-Levels in History, Russian and German (A,B,B)
A* GCSEs in History, English Language and Literature, and German
A GCSEs in Latin, French and Science
B GCSE in Maths

Recent Tuition
I have been tutoring and lecturing at undergraduate and postgraduate level at the University of Glasgow since 2010. Recent courses taught include comparative politics, social science research methods, public policy and Russian and East European history and politics. This work also involved spending a considerable amount of time mentoring individual students who were struggling with the demands of the course or with completing their assignments to the required standard.

In 2011 I also spent a period of 6 months working as a private tutor of English as a Foreign Language to children and teenagers in St Petersburg. I had 6 students in total over this period who were aged from 7-15. 4 of these students were preparing for entry to British or Swiss independent schools so the focus was on improving their confidence in using English and working on their grammar and writing skills. All of the lessons were based around each students specific interests and areas of weakness, and all 4 students improved dramatically in terms of their ability to speak and write more fluently in English.

Hobbies and Interests
I love travelling, learning languages, music, films and literature.

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