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I sepcialise in accounting, finance and economics and these are the only three subjects I tutor.

Accounting and Finance are my fields of interest and apart from having an MBA in Finance I am also a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Charterholder. Upon graduation I joined a commercial bank and worked for over five years in Corporate Banking. However, I have now taken an extended leave from the hectic life of corporate banking to enjoy my time in my lifelong passion of teaching. I have always enjoyed teaching and have tutored students of all levels.

How often do we see students facing problems in understanding a particular subject/course. The problem lies not so much in the knowledge of school/college teacher but the limited time within which he/she has to connect with each and every student most of which have different wavelengths depending upon their aptitudes and interests.
While tutoring my students I attempt to assess the student`s level of understanding and then work my way from there by using relevant examples tailored for his or her level of understanding. Thereby I attempt to develop in her/him a genuine interest in the subject/course which motivates the student to not only perform better at the exams but also to gain a deeper understanding about the course which helps in future endeavours.

"Tell me and I`ll forget show me and I may remember involve me and I`ll understand." (Chinese proverb)

Chartered Financial Analyst Charterholder (CFA Institute, VA, USA)
MBA Finance
Recent Tuition
A-levels: Accounting
A-levels: Economics
Undergraduate: Business, Economics, Accounting
Undergraduate: Financial Management
Masters: Finance Accounting

Hobbies and Interests
Playing and watching tennis, photography, reading books

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