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About Me
My specialist subjects are science and maths.
I have a ten year career as a working scientist, so I know how to focus science knowledge in an approriate way for practical tasks, in your case passing exams! I have a relaxed style, and make use of visual and verbal cues, along with an understanding of the students needs, interests and abilities to make science and maths accessible and memorable. I particularly enjoy getting the measure of a student, in terms of finding out what will enable the student to engage with the subject material.

1997 - 2001 Oxford University MESc in Earth Sciences {Chemistry}
1995 - 1997 Luton Sixth Form College A Levels: Physics (A) Maths (A) French (C). AS Level Geology (A)
GCSE Double Science (A*A*), Maths (A*), French (A), German (B), English (A), English Literature (A*), History (A), Design Technology (B)

Recent Tuition
Between 2009 and 2012 I taught introductory and advanced level undergraduate classes in geology at a US university, as well as mentoring undergraduates in the lab. I have been tutoring lower secondary and GCSE students in 2013 in maths, combined science and separate sciences. My clients have come from both private and state schools, and I have worked to AQA and OCR specifications.
I give a brief selection of some of my clients (30+ and 500+ hours of tuition) in the last year.

Ahmed - younger brother of Yasmine below. 9 years old. Maths and science. I started with Ahmed after seeing Yasmine for some time, ongoing 90 minutes a week.
Alexander - His mother wanted me to enthuse him about science. We did a number of experiments, looked at multi-media and did field trips over double sessions for a term. Private school, year 5, foreign national.
Alexander - GCSE double science. Long term tuition over year 11. Alexander went from a C in mocks to A in mocks prior to taking his exams. State school.
Eliza - year 9, supporting home schooling in science and maths. Foreign national living in the UK for a single term.
Esmee - weekly support over an academic year in year 9 science. She had been put down a set, and was put back up a set following tuition. Currently preparing for end of year exam. State school.
Farida - revision support over one half term for exams. Year 8 maths, she had moved to the UK at the start of that academic year. She had intensive tuition in a number of subjects that half term, and her mother told me she had enjoyed her maths lesson the most out of all her subjects.
Hugh - catering manager in his fifties, needed help with maths and computer skills for a professional development course. Ad-hoc sessions over several months, with very positive feedback.
Isabella - year 8 to year 9, weekly subject support in both maths and science. She moved up a set after having tuition in year 8 and I stopped giving her lessons, to get a phone call 6 months later asking for more assistance. Ongoing.
James - adult learner in his twenties, assistence with basic numeracy skills to improve his employability. Three sessions.
Nina - year 8 maths. Private school, support for revision. Nina had a confidence issue and it took some patience and an extremely gentle approach to improve her grades.
Sarah - "emergency" tuition to get a C in double science (OCR) to allow her to get into a particular course of further education.
Sophie - younger sister of Laura. I started with Sophie after starting with
Toby - home schooling in science during a period between schools caused by exclusion from his previous school. Toby enjoyed the sessions and was communicative. He came into our third lesson with photos of an experiment we had done during the preceding session which he had recreated at home.
Yasmine - weekly tuition for GCSE science and maths through year 11. Solid B.
Laura - weekly tuition through year 11 in GCSE science. Improved grades from D/C to C/B.

Hobbies and Interests
I am a keen cyclist and runner, currently focusing on getting my 5km run time below 20 minutes. I also play hockey.

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