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Religious Studies

About Me
I specialise in 11+ and A Level Philosophy Ethics.
I also teach GCSE English literature/language, GCSE History and Religious Studies as well as Key Stages 1-3 English Skills ESL
I am dedicated to the needs of the student and will provide the support academically and pastorally that is necessary to help them overcome their needs in their subject. I understand what it is like to struggle as I myself had a tutor, yet with that little bit of extra help I was able to achieve the grades that I dreamed of. I believe I can help my students to do even better!

University of Nottingham - Theology Religious Studies BA HONS 2:1
A levels: Philosophy Ethics A, History B, English B
GCSE- Art A*, Religious Studies A*, English A, English Literature A, Music B, maths, B, french, B, physics, B, chemistry biology B.

Recent Tuition

Phonics, numeracy Skills

KEY STAGE 2: (Year 3-6):

Literacy, comprehension, reading, creative writing and Numeracy Skills.
All abilities: Mainstream, dyslexia and GFT, speech hearing difficulites

KEY STAGE 3: (Year 7-9):

English Comprehension and Essay Writing Skills

11+ EXAM:

Verbal Reasoning, English


English Literature, English Language, History, Religious Studies
Critical Essay and creative Story writing skills.


English Exam, ESL, Grammar

Private/independent School Scholarship Interview Prep:

The first two pupils I taught secured a place at Hampstead Boys -and the girl The Royal Russell School.

Hobbies and Interests
Singing in gospel choir, modelling, arts.

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