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About Me
My specialist subjects are Literacy and Numeracy. I have been a class teacher for four years, teaching ages from 3 to 11 years of age. I have also tutored (on a 1-1 basis) children between the ages of 6 to 11. I believe a successful tutor is someone that builds a good relationship with the student making learning as fun and relatable to real life as possible, in order to enhance their learning and understanding. I have taught all areas of the curriculum but have a particular passion for Literacy, Numeracy and History.

2009 - Brunel Universtiy Primary Postgraduate Certificate in Education with QTS
2007 - University of Reading BA (Hons) History
2004 - A Levels History (B) Religious Education (B) Design Technology (B)
2002 - 9 GCSE grades A-C.

Recent Tuition
I have been a class teacher for the last four years and have also worked with groups, and tutored on a one to one basis.

I have worked with groups of children in Year 1 and 2 who have needed extra support and consolidation in Literacy and Numeracy.
I have previously worked with a child in Year 2, who required challenging in Numeracy.
I have also tutored children in Year 6 in preparation for SATS and providing extra preparation for moving to Secondary School.
Tutoring 5 year old girl and boy- We worked at building confidence and self esteem with writing, particularly focusing on developing our imagination and writing stories.
Tutoring 7 year old boy- I worked to challenge the child in Numeracy, and encourage him to understand the concept, as well as the method.
Tutoring 11 year old boy and girl- We worked on building confidence by consolidating key concepts in both Literacy and Numeracy.

Hobbies and Interests
I love to travel, having lived in the US for the last two years. I enjoy reading, music and going to the theatre. I like to walk and swim in my free time, as well as visit new places.

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