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About Me
My specialist subjects are: English and History
I also enjoy teaching: Music (especially Trumpet and Piano), verbal/non-verbal reasoning and pre-school/primary key skills (for example reading and writing.)
I feel I am a good tutor as I understand the subjects I teach thoroughly, both in terms of the subject matter and what it is like to study the particular topic. I know this enables me to answer a wide range of questions that may be asked by a student.
I also think that my passion for my specialist subjects helps in my tutoring, as I find I can often use this, and the greater knowledge of a subject that this passion leads to, to enthuse the student. I can either do this by showing my enthusiasm for the subject, or by introducing an interesting snippet of information I have found in my studies, helping the student to perhaps think about the topic or subject in a new way.

Sept 2006-2009 University of Reading BA(Hons) History (2:1 degree classification)
2004-2006 Westminster School (A-Levels in English, History and Music Grades A,B,C respectively.)
(2 academic scholarships awarded at 16+)
3 A grades in English, History and Music were achieved at AS-Level, with some elements being awarded 100%. All written A-Level exams achieved grade A. The overall History mark was affected by a widespread coursework marking error. The overall Music grade was severely affected by systematic errors perpetrated by school music staff, ensuring 90% of the practical paper was not recorded and could not therefore be submitted to the exam board.
1999-2004 Chelmsford County High School for Girls (GCSEs in History (A*), English literature and language, French, Chemistry and Music (A), Biology, Maths, Physics and Design Technology (B)
(Placed in the top 15% of participants at 11+)

Recent Tuition

George, aged 7 - Reading:

I was asked to help George improve his reading skills over 4 sessions. In these sessions, we focussed on helping George identify a strategy for working out new words, as well as working on general techniques to improve reading fluency. As a result of my help, Georges school noticed a quantifiable improvement in the quality of Georges reading.

Emily aged 4 - Reading and Writing:

I helped Emily intensively over a 2 week period to improve fluency in her reading and to improve her writing ability. In two weeks she went from only being able to hold a pencil to being able to write her full name, and surpassing the age-related reading level.

Tom, aged 9 - Spelling and Trumpet:

I worked with Tom over 3 sessions, split between helping him to improve his spelling and coaching him towards a ABRSM grade exam on the Trumpet. After the sessions, Tom was able to spell much longer words correctly, and work out how to spell unfamiliar words using a system we devised. He also passed his music exam.

Hannah, aged 7 - Horseriding and Personal Awareness:

I coached Hannah, a severely autistic girl, intensively for a two week period through a Riding for the Disabled programme. In this period Hannah went from not being able to get on a horse and having no sense of personal danger to holding the reins without being prompted and knowing how to safely approach a horse. This took a great deal of work and perseverance and her parents were thrilled with the improvement in such a short space of time.

I also gained experience working with a number of children of varying academic ability in the nursery school department of a local prep school. My work varied between children but I was mainly responsible for improving reading and writing skills. This placement gave me a great deal of experience in catering for different abilities, which has helped with all my subsequent tutoring roles.
Nifemi aged 9 - English - mainly reading and writing

I have been coaching Nifemi, a bright girl of 9 who suffers from learning difficulties and who as a result struggles to read and function fully in a classroom situation. As Nifemis difficulties with reading seemed to be at the root of the difficulties she experiences at school, I have been working intensively with her to improve this and increase her reading age to the point where she can fully understand written instructions and read fluently. She has made enormous progress already in the short time I have been working with her, advancing from being unable to read fairy stories without difficulty to reading sentences of more age-appropriate books fluently.

Hobbies and Interests

Music: I play the trumpet and piano, and have being studying music since the age of two, beginning playing the trumpet at five. I have achieved a high standard in this field, achieving my Grade 8 Disctinction (ABRSM) attending the Royal College of Music Junior Department and being a member of various national youth orchestras, including the National Youth Wind Orchestra. I am regularly called in to play in concerts for various amateur orchestras in the London area. I have also achieved Grade 5 on the Piano and Grade 3 on the Flute.
Horse Riding: I have done this from a young age, and which has led me to participating in showjumping competitions and playing for the university polo club.
Ballet: I have again done this from a young age. I reached Grade 7 ISTD, the level below Diploma level before I had to give up dancing regularly to attend boarding school.
Rowing: My rowing achievements include winning full sporting colours at school for being in the top girls squad, and winning several regattas throughout London and the South East. I also rowed at university, though I eventually found my academic commitments to be too onerous to continue doing so.

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